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El Clon / O Clone (91133 posts in 14372 threads)
2001 Novela de Brasil (Rede Globo). Worldwide Phenomenon.
Broadcast in the U.S. by Telemundo Jan. 14, 2002-Dec. 10, 2002.
Globo (Brasil) Rerun 10 jan. - 9 set. 2011.
USA (Globo Intl.) Start Apr. 2, 2012.
USA (Latele) Start July 10, 2012.
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Fri, 25-June-2010
 Topics Author  Date
 The India novela isn't coming no more  new
Telemundo Fan 06-25-10 06:44 PDT 
 Shrug !!!!! poor Telemundo ,they don't have...  new
Nadjila 06-25-10 08:28 PDT 
 that's very smart of TM.............  new
Ellanor 06-25-10 11:53 PDT 
 Yeh, but what's the point of  new
shell-bell 06-29-10 05:38 PDT 
 Nooooo! I was so excited too!  new
Edith 06-25-10 21:54 PDT 
 Re: Who is this bozo?  new
Victor F. 06-27-10 21:36 PDT 
 Re: Who is this bozo?  new
shell-bell 06-29-10 05:42 PDT 
 You're so right Victor...  new
Edith 06-30-10 11:04 PDT 
 Re: You're so right Victor...and a funny video.  new
Kathleen 06-30-10 12:28 PDT 
 Kathleen .......tsk tsk..was that Marisa and Said?...  new
Nadjila 06-30-10 14:55 PDT 
 LOL, Nadji.  new
Kathleen 06-30-10 15:15 PDT 
 The poor cat.... he or she looks exactly like ...  new
Nadjila 06-30-10 15:33 PDT 
 Ha ha ha ha ha. :) NT  new
Kathleen 06-30-10 16:01 PDT 
 El Clon in Arabic (and a little rant)  new
Cynthia79 06-23-10 01:09 PDT 
 Re: El Clon in Arabic (and a little rant)  new
Kathleen 06-23-10 05:29 PDT 
 Hi Kathleen!  new
Cynthia-79 06-23-10 07:34 PDT 
 Re: Hi Cynthia!  new
Kathleen 06-23-10 07:58 PDT 
 Hi to both..  new
Nadjila 06-23-10 08:52 PDT 
 That's what I've been doing, Nadji.  new
Kathleen 06-23-10 13:34 PDT 
 I'm watching A Corazón Abierto....  new
Nadjila 06-23-10 13:44 PDT 
 Ratings...  new
Ebd 06-25-10 09:12 PDT 
 Re: Ratings...  new
Kathleen 06-25-10 11:27 PDT 
 Re: Ratings...  new
Ebd 06-25-10 12:32 PDT 
 Re: Ratings...  new
Cynthia-79 06-26-10 05:24 PDT 
 Re: Ratings...  new
Kathleen 06-26-10 06:03 PDT 
 I would buy a dvd set...........  new
Ellanor 06-26-10 11:10 PDT 
 luvmesmbdk, I feel your pain.  new
Kathleen 06-21-10 19:34 PDT 
 Re: luvmesmbdk, I feel your pain.  new
luvmesmbdk 06-21-10 20:08 PDT 
 Me, too. Not to sound like a  new
shell-bell 06-22-10 06:30 PDT 
 Re: luvmesmbdk, I feel your pain.  new
Sunnyflowers_tx 06-25-10 20:56 PDT 
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