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El Manantial (5715 posts in 986 threads)
USA (Telefutura) rerun Start Date Aug. 14, 2007-Dec. 27, 2007. 4PM.
Televisa 2001-2002. Univision, 2003.
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Wed, 09-July-2003
 Topics Author  Date
 Did they show this novela in the USA before?  new
YROD 07-09-03 20:19 PDT 
 Re: Did they show this novela in the USA before?  new
Christine 07-09-03 20:22 PDT 
 The title is very familiar  new
Paloma 07-11-03 09:56 PDT 
 Re: The title is very familiar  new
Alta 07-11-03 13:03 PDT 
 Glad to find ya'll  new
DAA 07-09-03 13:25 PDT 
 welcome DAA gland to have you here with us n/t  new
Ara 07-09-03 14:44 PDT 
 Re: Hi, DAA, welcome!  new
bee 07-09-03 20:26 PDT 
 Re: Hi, DAA, welcome!  new
DAA 07-10-03 07:58 PDT 
 When is it going to start???  new
TINKERBELLE 07-09-03 09:15 PDT 
 Re: When is it going to start???  new
Webby 07-09-03 10:09 PDT 
 Thanks Webby  new
TINKERBELLE 07-09-03 15:18 PDT 
 Re: Thanks Webby  new
Webby 07-10-03 19:01 PDT 
 Okay...question for you all  new
Lauramh 07-09-03 07:28 PDT 
 Re:Story of El Manantial (Some Spoilers)  new
Alta 07-09-03 13:18 PDT 
 Thank you Alta sis you're the best takecare n/t  new
Ara 07-09-03 14:41 PDT 
prissy 07-10-03 03:47 PDT 
 Re:Story of El Manantial (Some Spoilers)  new
Lauramh 07-09-03 14:52 PDT 
 Thanks Alta. Sounds very interesting...  new
Linda R 07-09-03 18:47 PDT 
 Re:Story of El Manantial (Some Spoilers)  new
lauraj400 07-10-03 09:47 PDT 
 Re:Velo de Novia  new
Alta 07-11-03 12:43 PDT 
 wow !! Alta sis thank you do you know when it going to be showing in the US n/t  new
Ara 07-11-03 23:49 PDT 
 Hi everyone  new
Massiel22 07-08-03 21:44 PDT 
 Hello from me, too.  new
Linda R 07-08-03 22:22 PDT 
 Cesar  new
Stella 07-09-03 07:55 PDT 
 I found out  new
Ara 07-09-03 08:40 PDT 
 Lol! Something's better than nothing! nt.  new
Linda R 07-09-03 18:40 PDT 
 Re: Hi, Massiel, welcome! nt  new
bee 07-09-03 20:28 PDT 
 I have a question  new
Ara 07-08-03 21:22 PDT 
 answer  new
Massiel22 07-08-03 21:59 PDT 
 So we had clothes in EPDA, shoes  new
Margarita 07-11-03 13:15 PDT 
 Re: I have a question  new
Stella 07-09-03 08:02 PDT 
 ....Oh this is so gooood!  new
Christopher 07-08-03 13:28 PDT 
 Re: ....Oh this is so gooood!  new
Christine 07-08-03 18:34 PDT 
 Re: ....Oh this is so gooood!  new
Victor F. 07-08-03 20:55 PDT 
 Re: ....Oh this is so gooood!  new
lker 07-09-03 14:55 PDT 
 Re: ...hello lker....  new
Christopher 07-09-03 15:56 PDT 
 Re: ...hello lker....  new
lker 07-09-03 18:41 PDT 
 Re: Hi, lker!  new
bee 07-09-03 20:20 PDT 
 Re: yeah.....  new
Christopher 07-10-03 00:08 PDT 
 Re: Hi, lker!  new
lker 07-10-03 13:07 PDT 
 Spoilers - just ask me!  new
Eveli 07-08-03 13:20 PDT 
 Thank you Eveli that is nice of you takecare n/t  new
Ara 07-08-03 13:25 PDT 
 Re: Spoilers - just ask me!  new
bdecker 07-09-03 07:43 PDT 
 Re: Spoilers - just ask me!  new
Eveli 07-13-03 10:36 PDT 
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