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Sat, 24-May-2003
 Topics Author  Date
 Does anyone know if they repeated Todo Por Amor on Friday??  new
TDM 05-24-03 22:31 PDT 
 Re: Does anyone know if they repeated Todo Por Amor on Friday??  new
Ruzan 05-25-03 14:28 PDT 
 oops, sorry for the above, and yeah, it was repeated. nt.  new
Ruzan 05-25-03 14:31 PDT 
 Thank you...  new
TDM 05-25-03 19:19 PDT 
 Thanks for the info; it makes sense...  new
Janet 05-26-03 11:59 PDT 
 "Enamorate" on Azteca America  new
Me 05-24-03 12:42 PDT 
 Enamorarte - Starting MONDAY on Telefe Internacional  new
TDM 05-25-03 19:21 PDT 
 Thanks for the head up!  new
Jayde 05-26-03 18:53 PDT 
 8pm Eastern time NT on Telefe  new
Ramon 05-27-03 15:13 PDT 
 Why do they have the times wrong??  new
TDM 05-27-03 18:43 PDT 
 I have no idea why they have the wrong time NT  new
Ramon 05-28-03 07:12 PDT 
 Question on the Azteca "Enamorate"  new
Janet 05-26-03 23:38 PDT 
 Re: Question on the Azteca "Enamorate"  new
Kevin 05-27-03 10:03 PDT 
 Re: Question on the Azteca "Enamorate"  new
Lyssa 05-27-03 16:41 PDT 
 No start date yet... NT  new
Kevin 05-28-03 10:08 PDT 
 Enamorate cast info  new
Jayde 05-28-03 16:00 PDT 
 [Telefutura] Morelia - Muy Pronto  new
Webby 05-23-03 13:42 PDT 
 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......  new
Mark P. 05-23-03 13:50 PDT 
 Re: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......  new
Christopher 05-23-03 17:56 PDT 
 Re: They should replay the classics.......  new
Victor F. 05-23-03 21:15 PDT 
 Re: Cuna de Lobos......  new
Christopher 05-24-03 00:50 PDT 
 I agree about the classics!  new
tanner 05-24-03 07:25 PDT 
 Re: They should replay the classics.......  new
Kevin 05-24-03 10:05 PDT 
 Re: *possible Morelia spoiler for those who actually care*  new
Jayde 05-24-03 11:18 PDT 
 Odalys Odalys...Its got Odalys..  new
Christopher 05-24-03 13:16 PDT 
 Oh, I forgot all about Odalys!  new
Jayde 05-24-03 14:06 PDT 
 Re: Oh, I forgot all about Odalys!  new
Christopher 05-24-03 14:29 PDT 
 Aack, you just said the magic words!  new
Janet 05-24-03 16:27 PDT 
 Re: Aack, you just said the magic words!  new
Jayde 05-25-03 19:03 PDT 
 endless, boring, boring, boring  new
dd 05-23-03 22:18 PDT 
 Folks w/Azteca America.. ??  new
Jayde 05-23-03 12:15 PDT 
 Out here in SF, pretty much a disaster  new
dd 05-23-03 22:32 PDT 
 oops...NT  new
Kevin 05-24-03 10:08 PDT 
 Re: Folks w/Azteca America.. ??  new
Kevin 05-24-03 10:10 PDT 
 Re: Folks w/Azteca America.. ??  new
Janet 05-24-03 13:00 PDT 
 Thanks everyone  new
Jayde 05-26-03 18:56 PDT 
 Rumor of Un Nuevo Amor  new
george 05-23-03 02:46 PDT 
 Let's see if Azteca can turn the tide...  new
Janet 05-23-03 09:16 PDT 
 Night of the Living Tacheeees!  new
Jayde 05-23-03 12:05 PDT 
 Silvia Navarro  new
george 05-24-03 01:41 PDT 
 George - you're right  new
Jayde 05-23-03 19:29 PDT 
 El Manantial/Question  new
Eveli 05-22-03 12:01 PDT 
 Re: El Manantial/Question  new
Alta 05-22-03 14:52 PDT 
 Re: El Manantial/Question  new
Eveli 05-23-03 05:36 PDT 
 Re: shhhh EVELI!  new
Christopher 05-23-03 12:34 PDT 
 Re: shhhh EVELI!/SPOILER  new
Eveli 05-26-03 07:47 PDT 
 Re: shhhh EVELI!/SPOILER  new
Christopher 05-27-03 09:58 PDT 
 Re: El Manantial/Question  new
Kevin 05-23-03 10:13 PDT 
 Re: El Manantial/Question  new
Alta 05-24-03 11:44 PDT 
 Re: Alta  new
Eveli 05-26-03 07:48 PDT 
 Eveli...  new
Kevin 05-27-03 10:43 PDT 
 Camila  new
Jessica G. 05-21-03 14:12 PDT 
 Re: Camila  new
Christopher 05-21-03 15:03 PDT 
 Esmeralda twice?  new
dd 05-21-03 16:43 PDT 
 Re Yep..=o)  new
Christopher 05-22-03 12:27 PDT 
 definitely a dog  new
dd 05-21-03 16:42 PDT 
 Diane- LOL  new
Jayde 05-21-03 17:16 PDT 
 Eddie - 3 facial expressions?  new
dd 05-22-03 21:52 PDT 
 The theme song is a headache!  new
Mark P. 05-21-03 18:20 PDT 
 Re: The theme song is a headache!  new
baltazar 05-22-03 10:25 PDT 
 Bad Theme Songs  new
Jayde 05-22-03 14:31 PDT 
 Re: The theme song is a headache!  new
Webby 05-22-03 17:41 PDT 
 I had heard so much about Retrato  new
Dora 05-23-03 09:43 PDT 
 Retrato de Familia was a MILLION times better...  new
Mary 05-24-03 13:21 PDT 
 No kidding!?  new
Dora 05-24-03 14:58 PDT 
 It was.  new
Mary 05-24-03 18:22 PDT 
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