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Kevin, a very special THANK YOU for your wonderful weekly summaries. And another thank you to all the contributors of daily updates & comments.

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Mon, 14-January-2008
 Topics Author  Date
 Problems with the VCR...  new
MNB 01-14-08 18:32 PST 
 rough summary for Monday, 14 Jan 2008  new
B. 01-14-08 20:45 PST 
 Thanks B., you are a life saver  new
MNB 01-14-08 21:28 PST 
 Re: Why On God's Earth.....  new
Pilaf 01-15-08 01:56 PST 
 Thanks, B. Your summaries are always appreciated! n/t  new
Gillie78 01-15-08 12:23 PST 
 Re: rough summary for Monday, 14 Jan 2008  new
jjablan 01-15-08 14:33 PST 
 Off topic for B  new
Robin on the road 01-14-08 13:21 PST 
 hi Robin...  new
B. 01-14-08 14:04 PST 
 It's not  new
Robin on the road 01-15-08 06:22 PST 
 B....  new
Kevin 01-15-08 12:25 PST 
 I had to laugh every time that  new
Camelia- 01-14-08 06:46 PST 
 Good point, Camelia. I don't know whether...  new
Gillie78 01-14-08 06:49 PST 
 Yes and no, I think  new
g 01-14-08 09:29 PST 
 Re: Yes and no, I think  new
Kevin 01-14-08 10:05 PST 
 definitely foreshadowing  new
Camelia- 01-14-08 11:19 PST 
 I don't think you missed anything  new
g 01-14-08 13:48 PST 
 Indeed, what is the plan?  new
KathyW 01-14-08 14:09 PST 
 Those are good questions.  new
Kevin 01-15-08 12:27 PST 
 Does anyone find this novela disturbing as I do?..  new
Nadjila. 01-14-08 06:55 PST 
 Re: Does anyone find this novela disturbing as I do?..  new
Camelia- 01-14-08 07:48 PST 
 The look on Paulina's face  new
MiriamK 01-14-08 17:07 PST 
 Re: The look on Paulina's face  new
B. 01-14-08 19:58 PST 
 Her "Juana" on Dora la celadora was a good woman  new
Robin on the road 01-15-08 06:24 PST 
 Do you believe Susana will have her baby?  new
KathyW 01-13-08 12:59 PST 
 Re: Might Not.  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 15:44 PST 
 I like Susana, too, and hope she will be able...  new
Gillie78 01-14-08 06:47 PST 
 Re: I like Susana, too, and hope she will be able...  new
julie56 01-14-08 10:07 PST 
 I actually don't  new
g 01-14-08 10:50 PST 
 I can't stand her  new
MiriamK 01-14-08 17:10 PST 
 That wig alone  new
g 01-14-08 22:30 PST 
 that horrible wig..  new
Camelia- 01-15-08 09:58 PST 
 LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one who hates the dreadful blond wig n/t  new
Velour 01-21-08 19:30 PST 
 She is an interesting character...  new
Kevin 01-15-08 12:30 PST 
 Re: Do you believe Susana will have her baby?  new
Velour 01-21-08 19:43 PST 
 Samuel is no longer sympathetic.  new
KathyW 01-13-08 00:43 PST 
 I think he's lazy and kind of goofy...  new
Gillie78 01-13-08 08:38 PST 
 Re: I think he's lazy and kind of goofy...  new
julie56 01-14-08 10:12 PST 
 Re: Samuel is no longer sympathetic.  new
jjablan 01-13-08 13:34 PST 
 Re: "Stalk-amuel".  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 15:28 PST 
 for me he was never sympathetic..  new
Camelia- 01-14-08 06:38 PST 
 Horseback riding.  new
Kevin 01-12-08 12:56 PST 
 Re: Grazing cows  new
_W_ 01-12-08 13:10 PST 
 Re: Grazing cows  new
julie56 01-14-08 10:16 PST 
 Re: Horseback riding.  new
Lynda 01-14-08 20:06 PST 
 Re: Horseback riding.  new
MiriamK 01-15-08 03:45 PST 
 Renato's shooting.  new
Kevin 01-12-08 12:54 PST 
 Re: Renato's shooting.  new
_W_ 01-12-08 13:13 PST 
 I love the way you think.  new
KathyW 01-13-08 01:00 PST 
 Re: Renato's shooting.  new
jjablan 01-13-08 13:42 PST 
 Re: Renato's shooting.  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 15:19 PST 
 Re: Renato's shooting.  new
julie56 01-14-08 10:22 PST 
 week 12 summary  new
Kevin 01-12-08 12:49 PST 
 A special thank you, Kevin!  new
_W_ 01-12-08 13:35 PST 
 Re: week 12 summary  new
jeanette 01-12-08 14:59 PST 
 Thanks, Kevin.  new
Gillie78 01-12-08 15:39 PST 
Jalene 01-12-08 23:22 PST 
 Vigorous applause Kevin.  new
KathyW 01-13-08 00:35 PST 
 Re: applause Kevin.....Thanks.....n/t  new
julie56 01-14-08 10:49 PST 
 Re: Appreciate It Very Much,"K." n/t.  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 16:11 PST 
 Camilo is disgusting!!!!!  new
tc 01-11-08 16:18 PST 
 I'm sorry Lucia but I do think Lucia deserved it.  new
nanai 01-11-08 16:21 PST 
 i have to disagree...  new
B. 01-11-08 16:44 PST 
 Can't believe you said that  new
Lin 01-11-08 18:17 PST 
 Re: Nobody, regardless of how stupid, deserves to be  new
3Angela 01-12-08 08:51 PST 
 Re: On The Contrary...  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 15:14 PST 
 Re: Camilo is disgusting!!!!!  new
jeanette 01-11-08 16:28 PST 
 Re: Camilo is disgusting!!!!!  new
Kevin 01-12-08 12:52 PST 
 My fear is  new
g 01-13-08 10:08 PST 
 Re: Camilo is disgusting!!!!!  new
julie56 01-14-08 11:04 PST 
 Florencia the detective...  new
MNB 01-10-08 16:45 PST 
 cool as a cucumber...  new
Camelia- 01-11-08 06:50 PST 
 Dumb criminals  new
g 01-11-08 09:11 PST 
 Do you mean Samuel's name? n/t  new
Gillie78 01-11-08 11:30 PST 
 yeah, sorry. nt  new
g 01-11-08 12:05 PST 
 Re: What Would She Have Done,IF....  new
Pilaf 01-13-08 15:58 PST 
 Re: What Would She Have Done,IF....  new
julie56 01-14-08 11:18 PST 
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