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A place to decide what is next, discus what is good, debate what is fun about Asian Dramas
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Fri, 03-December-2010
 Topics Author  Date
 In today's WSJ: Article on Thai dramas!  new
Robin sshi 12-03-10 06:42 PST 
 ROFL!  new
Yolette 12-03-10 06:53 PST 
 The descriptions remind me of Thalia novelas!  new
Robin sshi 12-03-10 08:28 PST 
 Re: ROFL!  new
MariP 12-03-10 13:42 PST 
 Too brief your free time? Watch a movie! :-)  new
Robin sshi 12-03-10 06:20 PST 
 If you get Megaherz, next week they're showing Singles  new
Robin on the road 12-03-10 15:00 PST 
 Re: If you get Megaherz, next week they're showing Singles  new
MariP 12-03-10 16:07 PST 
 It's one of my stations...  new
Robin on the road 12-03-10 17:54 PST 
 Re: It's one of my stations...  new
MariP 12-04-10 10:29 PST 
 It should be on Thursday night 8-10  new
Robin on the road 12-04-10 11:03 PST 
 PP Ep 9: Hmmmm...  new
Yolette 12-03-10 05:15 PST 
 Re: PP Ep 9: Hmmmm...  new
tc 12-03-10 17:02 PST 
 PP Ep 5: KYAAAAAH!  new
Yolette 12-02-10 17:11 PST 
 Re: PP Ep 5: KYAAAAAH!  new
tc 12-02-10 17:17 PST 
 Oh God! I'm so sorry! It was Ep 7!!  new
Yolette 12-02-10 18:48 PST 
 Re: Oh God! I'm so sorry! It was Ep 7!!  new
tc 12-03-10 02:03 PST 
 Something to look forward to - but as for great kisses  new
Robin sshi 12-03-10 09:37 PST 
 why do I keep nodding off while watching Fugitive???  new
Camelia- 12-02-10 07:06 PST 
 I think only men....  new
Yolette 12-02-10 07:26 PST 
 just to show you how frustrated I am with it  new
Camelia- 12-02-10 08:25 PST 
 That's how I felt about "Iris," and never.....  new
tc 12-02-10 12:59 PST 
 I've been watching snippets  new
Robin sshi 12-02-10 14:04 PST 
 Re: why do I keep nodding off while watching Fugitive???  new
MariP 12-02-10 16:14 PST 
 If you like Lee Jung-jin...  new
Robin on the road 12-02-10 22:27 PST 
 I'll probably stick with it because I just can't give up watching  new
Camelia- 12-03-10 06:00 PST 
 Congrats on 3000! <g> & it's all because...  new
Robin sshi 12-03-10 06:22 PST 
 that's great! What a feat for our little group too!  new
Camelia- 12-03-10 07:47 PST 
 Re: that's great! What a feat for our little group too!  new
MariP 12-03-10 12:16 PST 
 I still have problems with the names  new
Camelia- 12-03-10 13:35 PST 
 I still have to go to the drama wiki site!  new
Robin on the road 12-03-10 14:58 PST 
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