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Memorial de Maria Moura (Globo) (16 posts in 6 threads)
1994 minissêrie de Rede Globo (Brasil). 24 caps.
Adaptada do romance homônimo de Rachel de Queiroz, conta a saga de uma mulher que enfrenta as adversidades de uma sociedade machista no século XIX
USA (Globo International)Dec. 12, 2011 - Jan. 3,
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 Starts Monday...Acampamento de Férias  new
Aleida 01-06-12 15:18 PST 
 well, that was unpleasant  new
dd 01-03-12 21:24 PST 
 very unpleasant....  new
Aleida 01-06-12 15:18 PST 
 Starts Monday....Hoje é Dia de Maria Part II  new
Aleida 12-30-11 15:26 PST 
 Let's hope for a better mini-series....  new
Nadjila 12-30-11 20:07 PST 
 I'll watch Maria II ...  new
j.r. 12-31-11 08:08 PST 
 Last week.....ends Friday, Dec 30  new
Aleida 12-26-11 15:09 PST 
 Wow, so quickly! Thanks. n/t  new
j.r. 12-27-11 00:58 PST 
 Re: Last week.....ends Friday, Dec 30  new
Nadjila 12-28-11 07:38 PST 
 I liked it  new
j.r. 12-13-11 09:56 PST 
 Re: I liked it  new
Aleida 12-14-11 04:10 PST 
 Yes, she was!  new
j.r. 12-14-11 10:38 PST 
 I recorded one week...but lack of time...  new
Nadjila 12-22-11 15:51 PST 
 Way too much violence for me too...  new
Aleida 12-26-11 15:08 PST 
 Welcome/Bienvenidos/Bemvindo  new
Diane 12-11-11 19:14 PST 
 Thanks Diane n/t  new
j.r. 12-12-11 22:49 PST 
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