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Un Refugio Para El Amor (256 posts in 66 threads)
Novela de Televisa (México)con Zuria Vega, Gabriel Soto, Laura Flores, Roberto Blandón. Start 6 feb. 2012.
USA (Univision) Start May 24, 2012. 7PM. 2 hrs.
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Avances Breves de Colombia 11 abril - 19 junio 2012 [cancelado]
Resúmenes de México 6 feb. - 23 sept. 2012(FIN)
Recaps Breves de Univision 24 mayo - 30 nov. 2012(FIN)
Avances Breves de Peru 01 mayo - 18 oct. 2013(FIN)

Sitio Oficial de Televisa/esmas (Mexico)
Sitio Oficial de Univision (EEUU)
Foro de Univision
América TV(Peru)
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 Univision reruns to this telenovela on Tuesday, January 20, 2015  new
Pak Sum Li 01-09-15 07:12 PST 
 Ratings for the last week - great!  new
Karoline 12-07-12 12:15 PST 
 Re: Ratings for the last week - great!  new
JoseAngel 10-31-13 21:01 PDT 
 They failed to Execute a Great Finale  new
DDC 11-30-12 18:44 PST 
 Re: They failed to Execute a Great Finale  new
Betsy 12-01-12 11:17 PST 
 Re: Betsy  new
DDC 12-01-12 14:49 PST 
 At least they took the gaudy lipstick and eyeliner off of Luciana...  new
Juanita6 12-03-12 14:54 PST 
 Re: At least they took the gaudy lipstick and eyeliner off of Luciana...  new
coralil 12-12-12 13:01 PST 
 Re: At least they took the gaudy lipstick and eyeliner off of Luciana...  new
Dolly-W 12-16-12 03:41 PST 
 The secene Where Patricio Tells Mateo the truth  new
Jeffrie Nunez 11-30-12 11:36 PST 
 Wow Rosa Elena really lost it at the wedding  new
Jeffrie Nunez 11-29-12 10:28 PST 
 Friday November 30, 2012  new
Abel 11-29-12 00:30 PST 
 MariMar Vega  new
Tamara2 11-18-12 18:31 PST 
 Re: MariMar Vega  new
Dolly-W 11-19-12 02:04 PST 
 Re: MariMar Vega  new
pat 11-19-12 21:19 PST 
 Re: MariMar Vega  new
Dolly-W 11-20-12 01:18 PST 
 Gran Final December 3  new
Jeffrie Nunez 11-09-12 20:14 PST 
 Corona de Lagrimas  new
Abel 11-08-12 00:19 PST 
 Ultimos Capitulos  new
Jeffrie Nunez 10-26-12 23:58 PDT 
 5 Years Pass and Luciana still doesnt realise Mateo is Rodrigo Jr SMH  new
Jeffrie Nunez 10-26-12 23:51 PDT 
 Can anyone explain to me Gala's and Roselena's "brilliant" plan  new
Simonale1 10-15-12 16:23 PDT 
 Re: Can anyone explain to me Gala's and Roselena's "brilliant" plan  new
Lianna 10-19-12 09:21 PDT 
 Whatever happened to the strategy of photos on telephone poles? ...  new
Juanita6 10-19-12 18:17 PDT 
 Ultimas Semanas  new
Jeffrie Nunez 10-12-12 17:04 PDT 
 Re: Ultimas Semanas  new
LEaD 10-15-12 15:53 PDT 
 Re: Ultimas Semanas  new
pat 10-17-12 21:40 PDT 
 Re: Ultimas Semanas  new
LEaD 10-18-12 03:54 PDT 
 Does anyone find Luciana annoying?  new
JulieSan 10-10-12 20:22 PDT 
 Actually I've enjoyed seeing how Luciana ..  new
Juanita6 10-16-12 17:16 PDT 
 yeah its official...  new
vera 09-24-12 16:17 PDT 
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