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Cinco Viudas Sueltas (5 Viudas Sueltas) (11 posts in 8 threads)
2013 Novela de Caracol (Col.) starring Coraima Torres Estreno 27 mayo 2013.
USA (Telemundo)28 mayo - 13 sept. 2013. 10:30AM
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Avances Breves de Colombia 27 mayo 2013 - 10 enero 2014 (FIN)

Colombia (Caracol TV)

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 Boy, I'd call this a Sleeper  new
df 09-14-13 19:54 PDT 
 End-Friday 9/13--what replaces this?  new
df 09-08-13 11:02 PDT 
 Anybody else watching this?  new
df 08-24-13 18:58 PDT 
 Re: Anybody else watching this?  new
M. 08-26-13 22:20 PDT 
 Virginia invites lover to dinner  new
dd 06-24-13 12:31 PDT 
 Summary for first week?  new
M. 06-08-13 20:25 PDT 
 don't understand Virginia  new
dd 06-04-13 12:07 PDT 
 First hour - very promising  new
dd 05-28-13 13:03 PDT 
 Re: First hour - very promising  new
Corina 05-28-13 19:58 PDT 
 just started in Colombia  new
dd 05-29-13 12:16 PDT 
 Welcome/Bienvenidos/Bemvindo  new
Diane 05-26-13 22:18 PDT 
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