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Joia Rara (Globo) (15 posts in 6 threads)
Novela das Seis de Rede Globo (Brasil) Estreia 16 Set. 2013. Bruno Gagliasso, Bianca Bin, Mel Mais, Domingos Montagner, Carolina Dieckmann.
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Cast/Elenco - as of 28 fevereiro 2014
Resumos do Brasil 16 set. 2013 - 4 abril 2014 (FIM)

Site Oficial da Rede Globo
Globo - Naquele Época


Wikipedia (Portugués)

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 tired of this plot  new
dd 09-26-13 16:04 PDT 
 Some impressions  new
j.r. 09-18-13 16:29 PDT 
 Thiago Lacerda typecast  new
B R 09-18-13 22:00 PDT 
 red handkerchief scarf  new
B R 09-18-13 22:15 PDT 
 I agree  new
j.r. 09-19-13 08:34 PDT 
 Re:But La Judas never bores me  new
VMF100379 09-20-13 13:15 PDT 
 Hahaha  new
j.r. 09-20-13 18:47 PDT 
 I watched the first chapter for Lacerda..  new
Nadjila 09-24-13 09:07 PDT 
 Both height and width-wise, LOL n/t  new
j.r. 09-24-13 19:52 PDT 
 what happened to him?  new
dd 09-26-13 16:01 PDT 
 Globo's web site is in production mode - updated  new
Diane 09-13-13 20:00 PDT 
 Another one of those ...  new
j.r. 09-06-13 08:56 PDT 
 Re: Another one of those ...  new
Nadjila 09-07-13 07:52 PDT 
 Globo insults yet another country & religion?  new
dd 09-01-13 14:42 PDT 
 Bemvindo - Bienvenidos - Welcome  new
Diane 09-01-13 14:25 PDT 
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