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Preciosa Perla/Joia Rara (Globo) (263 posts in 56 threads)
Novela das Seis de Rede Globo (Brasil) 16 Set. 2013 - 4 abril 2014. Bruno Gagliasso, Bianca Bin, Mel Mais, Domingos Montagner, Carolina Dieckmann.
USA (Telemundo) Estreno 31 agosto 2015. Noon-2PM
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Cast/Elenco - as of 28 fevereiro 2014
Resumos do Brasil 16 set. 2013 - 4 abril 2014 (FIM)

Site Oficial da Rede Globo
Globo - Naquele Época


Wikipedia (Portugués)

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 Topics Author  Date
 Not feeling Gaia  new
romantique 10-09-15 14:22 PDT 
 OT for df  new
Camelia- 10-09-15 09:28 PDT 
 Re: OT for df  new
df 10-09-15 11:20 PDT 
 Re: OT for df  new
Camelia- 10-09-15 12:02 PDT 
 Manfred the Psycho  new
Paz 10-08-15 10:56 PDT 
 ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
Nadjila 10-08-15 09:49 PDT 
 Re: ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
romantique 10-08-15 10:24 PDT 
 Re: ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
Nadjila 10-08-15 12:16 PDT 
 Re: ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
romantique 10-08-15 13:15 PDT 
 Re: ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
Nadjila 10-08-15 13:39 PDT 
 Re: ~~romantique~~ OT...  new
romantique 10-09-15 09:42 PDT 
 Franz and Manfred  new
Paz 10-06-15 11:18 PDT 
 Why wouldn't Vicktor tell Franz the truth?  new
Lyndell 10-06-15 16:07 PDT 
 Re: Why wouldn't Vicktor tell Franz the truth?  new
Paz 10-06-15 21:30 PDT 
 Re: Franz and Manfred  new
romantique 10-07-15 07:27 PDT 
 Re: Franz and Manfred  new
Lyndell 10-07-15 11:18 PDT 
 I meant Valter's son nt  new
Lyndell 10-08-15 09:28 PDT 
 Paz did you know >>  new
Nadjila 10-08-15 15:37 PDT 
 Gaia  new
Paz 10-06-15 10:30 PDT 
 Re: Gaia  new
Lyndell 10-06-15 16:19 PDT you want to know ?...  new
Nadjila 10-06-15 18:56 PDT 
 Re: you want to know ?...  new
Lyndell 10-06-15 19:48 PDT 
 Re: you want to know ?...  new
Paz 10-06-15 21:28 PDT 
 Paz...  new
Nadjila 10-07-15 08:06 PDT 
 Re: Paz...  new
Paz 10-07-15 21:52 PDT 
 "Aquele Beijo"...  new
Nadjila 10-08-15 08:42 PDT 
 Re: Aquele Beijo  new
Paz 10-08-15 11:09 PDT 
 Re: Gaia  new
romantique 10-07-15 07:29 PDT 
 Iolanda  new
Paz 10-05-15 15:06 PDT 
 Manfred and Amelia  new
Paz 10-05-15 14:42 PDT 
 What about when he tried to hug his father?  new
Lyndell 10-05-15 21:21 PDT 
 Re: What about when he tried to hug his father?  new
Paz 10-05-15 21:50 PDT 
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