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Mentir Para Vivir (129 posts in 35 threads)
Novela de Televisa (México). Estreno 3 junio 2013.
USA (Univision) Premiere Oct. 7, 2013.
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Cast/Elenco - as of Sept. 8, 2013

Resúmenes de México 3 junio 2013 - 20 oct. 2013 (FIN)
Avances Breves de Peru 4 sept. 2013 - 15 nov. 2013 (ult. avance)
Recaps Breves de Univision 7 oct. 2013 - 28 feb. 2014 (FIN)
Avances Breves de Colombia 10 feb. 2014 - 10 junio 2014 (últ. avance)

Sitio Oficial de Televisa (México)
Sitio Oficial de Univision (EEUU)
Foro de Univision
América TV (Peru)
Canal RCN (Colombia)

Caray, Caray! Daily Recaps [N.B.: blog prohibits reposting]

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 JoseAngel did they cut the finale? (NT)  new
La fiera 03-16-14 11:39 PDT 
 Re: JoseAngel did they cut the finale? (NT)  new
JoseAngel 05-10-14 14:10 PDT 
 Did Univision chop up the last episodes?  new
La fiera 02-28-14 12:49 PST 
 Uni removed 25 minutes...  new
JoseAngel 02-28-14 17:12 PST 
 Re: Uni removed 25 minutes...  new
La fiera 03-02-14 11:27 PST 
 Alejandro Speitzer and AnaPaula Martinez have what it takes to...  new
JoseAngel 01-16-14 18:18 PST 
 Re: Alejandro Speitzer and AnaPaula Martinez have what it takes to...  new
chek 01-20-14 17:56 PST 
 Watching Raquel having fun with Cesar  new
JoseAngel 01-13-14 17:08 PST 
 Últimas semanas soon, 39 eps left!  new
JoseAngel 01-03-14 20:23 PST 
 Re: 38 eps left!  new
JoseAngel 01-06-14 17:44 PST 
 Hypocrisy by Looneyvision  new
JoseAngel 12-22-13 22:06 PST 
 Re: Hypocrisy by Looneyvision  new
chek 12-24-13 08:27 PST 
 Re: Hypocrisy by Looneyvision  new
JoseAngel 12-25-13 13:22 PST 
 Re: Hypocrisy by Looneyvision  new
chek 12-25-13 13:55 PST 
 Don't care for Oriana  new
chek 12-14-13 10:30 PST 
 Don't care for Oriana  new
chek 12-14-13 10:28 PST 
 Why was this scene removed?  new
JoseAngel 12-11-13 22:01 PST 
 Downgraded to 7pm, effective Dec 23  new
JoseAngel 12-10-13 17:02 PST 
 Re: Downgraded to 7pm, effective Dec 23  new
LEaD 12-12-13 04:39 PST 
 Who was expecting...  new
JoseAngel 11-29-13 20:09 PST 
 Re: Who was expecting...  new
LEaD 11-30-13 11:51 PST 
 Re: Who was expecting...  new
JoseAngel 12-01-13 12:36 PST 
 Is this just wishful thinking  new
LEaD 11-28-13 15:07 PST 
 Re: Is this just wishful thinking  new
JoseAngel 11-29-13 12:19 PST 
 I'm in love with this hot chick named Raquel, but...  new
JoseAngel 11-22-13 20:20 PST 
 Altair Jarabo  new
Daro 11-25-13 13:33 PST 
 Re: Altair Jarabo  new
JoseAngel 11-29-13 12:16 PST 
 Re: Altair Jarabo  new
LEaD 11-29-13 13:17 PST 
 Re: She isn't  new
JoseAngel 11-29-13 16:14 PST 
 But....  new
LEaD 11-30-13 11:53 PST 
 Re: But....  new
JoseAngel 12-01-13 12:41 PST 
 Re: But....  new
LEaD 12-01-13 15:51 PST 
 Re: But....  new
JoseAngel 12-01-13 18:19 PST 
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