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Corazón Salvaje (12832 posts in 2782 threads)
Discussions about the novela (always being broadcast somewhere) and the DVD.
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News of Corazon Salvaje II - Updated 7/2/03
Summaries in English
Maritere's Summaries for the DVD
Internet Movie Database Entry
Patricia's CS site in Argentina
Sitio por aficionados de Eduardo Palomo
Foro Español de "Corazón Salvaje"
CS Dialogues by marta i

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 Topics Author  Date
 SPANISH SCRIPT START by Marta i, much tnx to Janni for the copy  new
Enoch 12-02-14 10:32 PST 
 SPANISH SCRIPT EP 41-END, by Marta i  new
Enoch 12-01-14 08:46 PST 
 CS EP 1-2 Eng by Marta i copied here  new
Enoch 11-08-14 21:29 PST 
 CS EP 3 (prob 3) -4 or -5 (?) by Marta i copied here  new
Enoch 11-08-14 21:34 PST 
 CS EP 5-10 by Marta i copied here [w/ a few added comments]  new
Enoch 11-08-14 21:46 PST 
 CS ENG EP 11-16; & EPisode BREAKS 13-20  new
Enoch 11-08-14 22:03 PST 
 CS ENG EP 17-20 (start) & Link to Ep-21  new
Enoch 12-02-14 23:12 PST 
 CS ENG EP-20 2nd part (prob) - Ep-21; Ep-21>30 Part 1; Link to Eps 21-30  new
Enoch 12-05-14 18:22 PST 
 CS ENG EP-21 > 30 Part 2-3  new
Enoch 12-09-14 07:55 PST 
 CS ENG EP-21 > 30 Part 4, etc. LINK  new
Enoch 12-09-14 08:27 PST 
 CS ENG EP-31 > 40 LINK  new
Enoch 12-23-14 17:36 PST 
 Print outs of all dialogues  new
Janni 11-14-14 17:23 PST 
 Yes, I would. Print outs of all dialogues  new
Enoch 11-29-14 15:40 PST 
 Re: Yes, I would. Print outs of all dialogues  new
Janni 12-01-14 15:22 PST 
 The dialogues are in Spanish  new
Janni 12-01-14 15:23 PST 
 Re: Yes, I would. Print outs of all dialogues  new
Murielle Aubourg 04-04-15 16:16 PDT 
 Is Monica a sap? I'm on Cap 3 now, via YouTube  new
Enoch 11-07-14 22:42 PST 
 Is Juan a jerk for scorning Azucena? On Ep 22 now  new
Enoch 12-05-14 19:07 PST 
 Parallels & Common Themes with Amor Real  new
Enoch 01-07-14 15:56 PST 
 CS93 subtitles  new
CS93 fan 06-06-13 04:47 PDT 
 Re: CS93 subtitles  new
Pitz 08-22-13 04:22 PDT 
 There R English Subtitles for the Abridgment  new
Enoch 01-07-14 15:37 PST 
 Re: CS93 subtitles 2014 Yes on YouTube now nt  new
Enoch 11-07-14 22:44 PST 
maritere 06-04-13 01:01 PDT 
 EP 71-80 Eng part 19  new
marta i 06-16-12 14:43 PDT 
 EP 71-80 Eng part 20  new
marta i 06-16-12 14:45 PDT 
 EP 71-80 Eng part 21  new
marta i 06-16-12 14:45 PDT 
 EP 71-80 Eng part 22  new
marta i 06-16-12 14:46 PDT 
 Tha-Tha-Tha-Tha That's all folks!nt  new
marta i 06-16-12 14:47 PDT 
 Re: Tha-Tha-Tha-Tha That's all folks!nt  new
Indogirl 06-17-12 04:34 PDT 
 Re: Tha-Tha-Tha-Tha That's all folks!nt  new
inashinomori 10-12-14 07:09 PDT 
 Re: EP 71-80 Eng part 19  new
WendellaperLQ 08-14-14 07:54 PDT 
 Discount Cigars And Pipes  new
Qualitative And Affordable Pipes 05-07-15 05:12 PDT 
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