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 Topics Author  Date
 All Sports News  new
remijohnson 11-26-14 08:39 PST 
 Khabita  new
sheba 11-26-14 03:25 PST 
 Tierra de Reyes  new
Diane 11-25-14 19:19 PST 
 SPAM! -- All Sports News  new
CarrieBukowski 11-24-14 12:06 PST 
 Dueños del paraíso...  new
deb 11-22-14 23:57 PST 
 Re: Dueños del paraíso...  new
LEaD 11-23-14 09:12 PST 
 Happy to see Andrea Lopez again. It's been too long, especially since I missed most of Clon  new
Corina 11-24-14 10:02 PST 
 Re: Dueños del paraíso...  new
Khabita 11-25-14 10:08 PST 
 Sortilegio Starts On Galavision On Monday, November 24th @ 11am [nt]  new
Mauricio 11-21-14 22:13 PST 
 Wow, Galavision is airing novelas again  new
Paul N 11-22-14 12:07 PST 
 Re: Wow, Galavision is airing novelas again  new
Mauricio 11-22-14 13:26 PST 
 I'm still waiting for a rerun of Talisman  new
Corina 11-24-14 10:01 PST 
 Mundofox-- EL Joe la Leyenda and Lado a Lado return muy pronto. NT  new
Kevin 11-21-14 10:36 PST 
 "Tierra de reyes" and "Los Miserables" switch time slots  new
Corina 11-17-14 18:47 PST 
 Re:  new
LEaD 11-18-14 17:50 PST 
 I'm disappointed, too...  new
Gillie78 11-19-14 08:29 PST 
 Re: I'm disappointed, too...  new
Mauricio 11-21-14 22:14 PST 
 Yes, Tierra will be rerun at midnight/11c  new
Corina 11-24-14 10:00 PST 
 Kevin  new
sheba 11-13-14 06:23 PST 
 SdP  new
Kevin 11-14-14 10:15 PST 
 Re: Kevin  new
sheba 11-14-14 13:55 PST 
 SdP  new
Kevin 11-15-14 11:20 PST 
 Re: Kevin  new
sheba 11-15-14 13:37 PST 
 SdP  new
Kevin 11-17-14 11:03 PST 
 Re: Kevin  new
Sheba 11-17-14 17:32 PST 
 SdP  new
Kevin 11-18-14 13:05 PST 
 Re: SdP  new
sheba 11-19-14 14:10 PST 
 Yes, I'm not sure how that works either. NT  new
Kevin 11-21-14 10:35 PST 
 The DEATH BLOW for Univision/UniMas.... it's all over, boys and girls  new
Corina 11-12-14 14:40 PST 
 it's all over, boys and girls; But Wait: Video Rangers!  new
Enoch 11-14-14 09:15 PST 
 Re: The DEATH BLOW for Univision/UniMas.... it's all over, boys and girls  new
Kevin 11-14-14 10:19 PST 
 subchannels: Is this a cable issue?  new
Enoch 11-14-14 11:06 PST 
 Is "Para Volver A Amar" completely finshed on UNI now?  new
David J. 11-12-14 09:33 PST 
 Re: Is "Para Volver A Amar" completely finshed on UNI now?  new
La fiera 11-12-14 13:22 PST 
 Re: Is "Para Volver A Amar" completely finshed on UNI now?  new
Corina 11-12-14 14:26 PST 
 Que te Perdone Dios Gran Estreno Monday January 19, 2015 at 10pm/9c  new
Abel 11-10-14 15:06 PST 
 When providing a notice about an Estreno could you mention the network? Thanks  new
Juanita6 11-11-14 18:22 PST 
 if its true its airing in Univision  new
Jeffrie Nunez 11-15-14 16:14 PST 
 "Exitos TV" now "TeleXitos" - logo and info inside  new
Corina 11-10-14 05:14 PST 
 Yes, I noticed that this morning.  new
Kevin 11-10-14 10:45 PST 
 Re: Yes, I noticed that this morning.  new
telenovelafan1 11-10-14 15:49 PST 
 CS: Parallels & Common Themes with Amor Real  new
Enoch 11-09-14 13:17 PST 
 Sheba...  new
Kevin 11-08-14 11:59 PST 
 Re: Sheba...  new
sheba 11-10-14 16:04 PST 
 OT: Was "Doce Corazones" cancelled?  new
Boris 11-07-14 13:54 PST 
 U Want They Shud Bring Back Laura?  new
Enoch 11-07-14 22:48 PST 
 Chilean telenovela with English subtitles?  new
MPF 11-05-14 00:41 PST 
 Re: Chilean telenovela with English subtitles?  new
Enoch 11-06-14 09:14 PST 
 Update Univision 2015 schedule  new
Abel 11-03-14 19:36 PST 
 Re: Update Univision 2015 schedule  new
LEaD 11-10-14 10:01 PST 
 Re: Update Univision 2015 schedule  new
Nicole P 11-16-14 17:01 PST 
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