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 Topics Author  Date
 Why did Univision edit the rerun of "Triunfo del Amor"?  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-27-15 20:04 PST 
 Rayito de luz Starts December 8, 2015 at 3pm/2c  new
Donald 11-27-15 03:12 PST 
 Re: Rayito de luz Starts December 8, 2015 at 3pm/2c  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-27-15 11:50 PST 
 Cuento de Navidad Starts December 10, 2015 at 2pm  new
Donald 11-27-15 03:11 PST 
 Carita de Ángel Gran Final December 9  new
Donald 11-27-15 03:10 PST 
 "Amores Verdaderos"  new
Donald 11-25-15 03:21 PST 
 Re: "Amores Verdaderos"  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-25-15 09:55 PST 
 Re: "Amores Verdaderos"  new
Donald 11-27-15 03:14 PST 
 Abismo de Pasion is a novela from 2012 that aired before Amores Verdaderos  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-27-15 19:42 PST 
 Cuando me Enamoro starts on Galavision the 30th of November.  new
Mariquita 11-21-15 16:36 PST 
 At 10am/9c.  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-21-15 18:27 PST 
 Re: At 10am/9c.  new
Mauricio 11-21-15 21:18 PST 
 Amor Secreto: Starts 30th November on Estrella TV at 3 pm  new
MarVit3 11-19-15 23:46 PST 
 Re: Amor Secreto: Starts 30th November on Estrella TV at 3 pm  new
Maggy H. 11-21-15 17:28 PST 
 Re: Amor Secreto: Starts 30th November on Estrella TV at 3 pm  new
MarVit3 11-22-15 04:03 PST 
 Thank you (nt)  new
Maggy H. 11-24-15 23:06 PST 
 El Hotel De Los Secretos - Gran Estreno January 2016 on Univision.  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-19-15 17:14 PST 
 FYI...Just in case  new
Maggy H. 11-19-15 09:55 PST 
 Thanks for the info. No Netflix here. NT  new
Kevin 11-20-15 09:32 PST 
 Lo siento! (nt)  new
Maggy H. 11-20-15 11:11 PST 
 Re: FYI...Just in case  new
Betsy 11-20-15 15:44 PST 
 Betsy...  new
Maggy H. 11-20-15 19:49 PST 
 Is through Netflix streaming? nt  new
df 11-20-15 19:54 PST 
 yes (nt)  new
Maggy H. 11-20-15 21:34 PST 
 Is any one here watching Celia?  new
Emma Kennard 11-18-15 17:18 PST 
 What came after "Avenida Brasil" during it's 2014 daytime run on Telemundo?  new
Corina 11-12-15 20:42 PST 
 It was Escrito Nas Estrelas  new
Fan 11-13-15 09:41 PST 
 It was also Fina Estampa  new
TELENOVELAFAN215 11-14-15 08:16 PST 
 "Carita de Angel"  new
Donald 11-12-15 03:46 PST 
 Re: "Carita de Angel"  new
Mariquita 11-12-15 11:14 PST 
 Totalmente Demais  new
Diane 11-08-15 23:32 PST 
 The best to have Telemundo kicg Univision's "S" ...Los Diez Mandamientos  new
Carminha 11-05-15 14:41 PST 
 Re: The best way to have Telemundo kick Univision "S" ...Los Diez Mandamientos  new
Carminha 11-05-15 14:43 PST 
 Colombian soap star Adriana Campos and husband Carlos Rincón die in car accident  new
Gillie78 11-04-15 07:02 PST 
 Thanks.  new
Kevin 11-06-15 10:08 PST 
 This has saddened me very much. Descansa en paz, Adriana  new
Corina 11-07-15 22:10 PST 
 Forum for Mil y Una Noches  new
Diane 11-01-15 20:05 PST 
 Thanks NT  new
Kevin 11-02-15 10:10 PST 
 this TN is excellent  new
linda2 11-10-15 03:48 PST 
 Re: I recomend to watch it. nt  new
mirele 11-10-15 03:50 PST 
 Pasíon y Poder  new
Diane 11-01-15 12:30 PST 
 La casa in Pasion y Poder  new
telenovelafan1 10-31-15 20:29 PDT 
 Re: La casa in Pasion y Poder  new
Fan 11-02-15 09:58 PST 
 How ironic with La Sombra del Pasado  new
telenovelafan1 10-31-15 20:22 PDT 
 Telemundo's next novelas...  new
Corina 10-28-15 14:44 PDT 
 Re: Telemundo's next novelas...  new
LEaD 10-28-15 14:57 PDT 
 Re: Telemundo's next novelas...  new
telenovelafan1 10-31-15 21:19 PDT 
 This must mean we'll be waiting a while for these 3 to begin? (nt)  new
Juanita6 11-05-15 20:58 PST 
 Kate del Castillo in Jane the Virgin  new
dd 10-26-15 21:41 PDT 
 Re: Kate del Castillo in Jane the Virgin  new
doris. 10-31-15 19:42 PDT 
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