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Retratos de Mujer (2061 posts in 125 threads)
Colombia. RCN's Retratos 2003-2004. USA (Telefutura) April 26 - Oct. 15, 2004 at 9AM
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Avances de Colombia May 5, 2003- April 30, 2004
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  test new Christopher  02-08-08 11:16 PST 
  Urgente/Urgent pelicula/movie"amor en las nubes" new Eduardo  01-12-06 20:52 PST 
  whining until the end new dd  10-18-04 11:48 PDT 
  Retratos de Mujer Video/DVD for sale new 11-05-11 11:07 PDT 
  One down.... new Liza~  10-15-04 15:28 PDT 
  what happened to Kike? new dd  10-12-04 12:02 PDT 
  Gran Final Oct. 15, 2004 nt new Diane  11-03-04 15:57 PST 
  Trapos intimos new Gladys  10-04-04 12:24 PDT 
  Liza~ - Okiemute ?? missed today new JuanitaD  02-21-07 13:43 PST 
  David is so revolting to me! new Liza~  09-29-04 12:16 PDT 
  Looks like our chocolate baby might new Liza~  09-29-04 12:14 PDT 
  Ultimos Capitulos nt new Diane  11-03-04 16:01 PST 
  Alguien sabe new Ina  09-23-04 13:19 PDT 
  WOW! Alejandra will stop @ NOTHING! new Liza~  09-23-04 14:59 PDT 
  Mi gordito bello! new Okiemute  09-03-04 08:51 PDT 
  Whose brat is Alejandra carrying? new Okiemute  09-03-04 08:49 PDT 
  retratos de mujer new lis  03-21-05 20:29 PST 
  LOL! If anyone is still watching this off & on, new Liza~  08-18-04 01:14 PDT 
  ben how i cant you better the traslation of spanich new eleazar  08-05-04 23:36 PDT 
  Paulina must be nuts new dd  08-13-04 19:27 PDT 
  actor retratos de mujer new vane  08-04-04 10:50 PDT 
  I Wonder If?? new Lisa V  07-28-04 13:31 PDT 
  It seems like Alejandra may new Okiemute  07-24-04 07:53 PDT 
  Me pueden decir que le paso a KIKE new Claudv  07-23-04 06:31 PDT 
  Por favor ayudenme con una duda por favor new marie  07-19-04 13:55 PDT 
  Not that anyone is paying any attention, but new Liza~  07-28-04 12:56 PDT 
  LOL! I happened to catch the last few minutes today new Liza~  07-01-04 14:10 PDT 
  do you like any of these characters? new dd  06-24-04 09:19 PDT 
  Alejandra and the lawyer - question new dd  06-27-04 10:47 PDT 
  finally ending in Colombia new dd  07-29-04 08:31 PDT 
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