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Morir Dos Veces (2087 posts in 430 threads)
Mexico (Televisa) 1996. Univision started May 3, 2004 at 11:00am.
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Summaries May 3-July 19, 2004[FIN]

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 Topics Author  Date
 vyodvb  new
pdjbgyiv 05-30-14 13:22 PDT 
 Side Pic  new
Scott 06-29-06 14:08 PDT 
 Our beloved Aaron has a part in Rubi,the new novela! YUPI!!  new
Jill 09-20-04 22:01 PDT 
 I'm going to watch just to see him  new
Jani 09-23-04 21:24 PDT 
 Re:Good,Jani.It's nice to know I'll have your company when Aaron is onscreen :o)  new
Jill 09-23-04 21:28 PDT 
 Has Aaron been on yet? n/t  new
Ann 10-05-04 05:01 PDT 
 Re: Has Aaron been on yet? n/t  new
Jill 10-05-04 08:49 PDT 
 I am curious now, so I will try to find time  new
Ann 10-07-04 04:50 PDT 
 I'm glad I haven't missed much  new
Jani 10-05-04 16:01 PDT 
 i want hector and maribel  new
allie 03-14-05 18:31 PST 
 Next installemnt in the continuing story. Esteban's Bisabuelo, Juan del Diablo  new
Jani 09-15-04 16:54 PDT 
 JANI! APLAUSOS! Great bedtime story!  new
maritere 09-17-04 06:17 PDT 
 Thanks  new
Jani 09-17-04 18:12 PDT 
 Re: Jani,I devour these installments like chocolate ;o) nt  new
Jill 09-20-04 21:59 PDT 
 Now that's a compliment  new
Jani 09-22-04 03:01 PDT 
 Re: Amen,to that! nt  new
Jill 09-22-04 13:18 PDT 
 I am a little late reading this, but  new
Ann 09-23-04 11:06 PDT 
 Chocoholics  new
Jani 09-23-04 17:38 PDT 
 Huracan on UV late night  new
Jani 08-22-04 06:05 PDT 
 Jani,please email me.  new
Jill 08-19-04 19:40 PDT 
 Jani,Are you ready to write the next segment yet? nt  new
Jill 07-29-04 17:11 PDT 
 Yes, it's coming soon - teaser  new
Jani 07-29-04 18:30 PDT 
 Re: Yes, it's coming soon - teaser  new
Jill 07-30-04 11:09 PDT 
 I keep checking..... nt  new
vnm4flan 08-02-04 20:05 PDT 
 For Jill - A role for Aaron and the other detective  new
Jani 07-23-04 00:31 PDT 
 Re: For Jill - A role for Aaron and the other detective  new
Jill 07-24-04 09:15 PDT 
 I'm glad you liked it  new
Jani 07-24-04 09:29 PDT 
 Re: I'm glad you liked it  new
Jill 07-24-04 15:47 PDT 
 Re: Edit post  new
Jani 07-24-04 16:15 PDT 
 Re: You're welcome,Jani  new
Jill 07-24-04 16:24 PDT 
 The above story is for everyone  new
Jani 07-24-04 12:23 PDT 
 Re: The above story is for everyone  new
julie56 07-24-04 18:02 PDT  new
air max nike pas cher 05-20-14 23:44 PDT 
 Liked the detail about Aaron and Gomez...  new
vnm4flan 07-25-04 08:21 PDT 
 Thanks, Vanessa nt  new
Jani 07-25-04 11:09 PDT 
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