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Infierno en el Paraiso (1910 posts in 299 threads)
Mexico (Televisa) 1999. Univision, 2000. Grandes Historias 2004.
Telefutura Rerun 06:00AM. Oct. 3, 2006-Feb. 8, 2007.
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 Alicia Machado and Litzy  new
Alefie Ruiz 09-19-07 00:59 PDT 
 It's FINALLY over!  new
Eva Rose 02-08-07 07:12 PST 
 Re: It's FINALLY over!  new
Maria Cristina 06-25-07 05:37 PDT 
 Re: It's FINALLY over!  new
Becca 03-15-14 14:28 PDT 
 The bathroom scene between Francesca and Fernanda was very silly  new
isto 02-07-07 20:29 PST 
 The church scenes  new
isto 02-02-07 21:32 PST 
 the best and the worst  new
isto 01-30-07 23:22 PST 
 Re: the best and the worst  new
Eva Rose 02-02-07 11:36 PST 
 Infierno en el Paraiso banner  new
Scott 01-26-07 11:28 PST 
 Gran Final Thursday February 8, 2007  new
Scott 01-26-07 10:29 PST 
 I never saw this novela, but...  new
Paul N 01-22-07 14:37 PST 
 Re: I never saw this novela, but...  new
Junior 01-23-07 20:39 PST 
 Mujeres Enganadas is next  new
isto 01-19-07 21:15 PST 
 Re: Mujeres Enganadas is next  new
Paul N 01-20-07 09:29 PST 
 Re: Mujeres Enganadas is next  new
Evelyn 01-21-07 18:44 PST 
 I still don't understand what the big deal  new
isto 01-25-07 23:06 PST 
 The end by MID-February  new
Joansito 01-08-07 03:39 PST 
 Re: The end by MID-February  new
Eva Rose 01-08-07 14:17 PST 
 Can this novela be any more boring?  new
Eva Rose 01-03-07 07:08 PST 
 Re: Can this novela be any more boring?  new
isto 01-12-07 00:33 PST 
 Re: Can this novela be any more boring?  new
Eva Rose 01-17-07 08:09 PST 
 The worst part is that they had a good cast  new
isto 01-19-07 20:18 PST 
 Re: The worst part is that they had a good cast  new
Eva Rose 01-22-07 12:52 PST  new
Louis Vuitton handbags outlet 06-01-14 17:57 PDT 
 The Ale,Marian,&Ricardo triangle  new
isto 12-21-06 21:18 PST 
 Re: The Ale,Marian,&Ricardo triangle  new
Evelyn 12-23-06 16:38 PST 
 What happened to Marian's friends?  new
Evelyn 12-14-06 17:48 PST 
 Re: What happened to Marian's friends?  new
isto 12-21-06 21:03 PST 
 I agree...  new
Evelyn 12-23-06 16:26 PST 
 Too many hospital scenes  new
Eva Rose 12-12-06 14:10 PST 
 Re: hospital scenes  new
Evelyn 12-14-06 17:47 PST 
 Re: hospital scenes  new
isto 12-21-06 20:58 PST 
 Re: hospital scenes  new
Evelyn 12-23-06 16:29 PST 
 Its drivin me nuts!  new
Scott 11-17-06 07:29 PST 
 Re: Its drivin me nuts!  new
isto 11-22-06 00:27 PST 
 Re: Its drivin me nuts!  new
sweetpea 12-07-06 22:14 PST 
 not sure?  new
Scott 12-11-06 10:18 PST 
 not sure?  new
Scott 12-11-06 10:18 PST 
 What happened today?  new
Eva Rose 11-03-06 09:29 PST 
 Re: What happened today?  new
Evelyn 11-07-06 16:06 PST 
 Dariana is so controlling...  new
Evelyn 10-20-06 17:34 PDT 
 Re: Dariana is so controlling...  new
isto 10-23-06 23:07 PDT 
 Ay Marian...what an infierno!  new
Evelyn 10-20-06 17:33 PDT's dead in here...  new
Evelyn 10-16-06 16:32 PDT 
 Re:'s dead in here...  new
isto 10-18-06 00:47 PDT 
 Welcome / Bienvenidos / Bem-Vindo  new
Diane 10-11-06 19:11 PDT 
 Re: Welcome / Bienvenidos / Bem-Vindo  new
Evelyn 10-11-06 19:24 PDT 
 So...Fernanda is alive?  new
Evelyn 10-11-06 08:11 PDT 
 Re: So...Fernanda is alive?  new
Eva Rose 10-17-06 14:37 PDT 
 Re: So...Fernanda is alive?  new
isto 10-18-06 00:54 PDT 
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