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América (Pasiones) (2471 posts in 530 threads)
Brasil (Rede Globo)Mar. 14, 2005-Nov. 5, 2005
USA (Telemundo)29 Sept. 2009 - 16 Apr 2010. 2PM.
USA (Pasiones)Start 11 Nov. 2013. 6PM EST
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Resumos em português Mar. 14 - Nov. 5, 2005[FIM]

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 Topics Author  Date
 Starts on Pasiones Nov. 11  new
Diane 10-25-13 16:25 PDT 
 Re: Starts on Pasiones Nov. 11  new
Gabriel 12-19-13 07:14 PST 
 so sad....  new
Ameksy 04-14-10 12:51 PDT 
 Re: so sad....  new
Erica K. 04-14-10 22:24 PDT 
 Re: so sad....  new
Ameksy 04-15-10 13:34 PDT 
 Ends April 16 - La Favorita April 19 @ 12pm  new
Yo@n 04-08-10 12:16 PDT 
 I think América ends Mon.4/19  new
Erica K. 04-12-10 20:50 PDT 
 Wait. Is this another Brazilian novela!!!!!  new
Erica K. 04-12-10 20:58 PDT 
 Re: Wait. Is this another Brazilian novela!!!!!  new
shell-bell 04-13-10 03:52 PDT 
 Raíssa...Why so bitter?  new
Erica K. 03-21-10 18:50 PDT 
 Re: Raíssa...Why so bitter?  new
leah 03-22-10 16:11 PDT 
 Re: Raíssa...Why so bitter?  new
Erica K. 03-22-10 21:42 PDT 
 If you are recording remember to  new
leah 03-15-10 07:15 PDT 
 Are they announcing if its ending?  new
Yo@n 03-12-10 20:03 PST 
 Re: Are they announcing if its ending?  new
Erica K. 03-14-10 15:38 PDT 
 junior  new
jenelle 03-10-10 13:35 PST 
 Re: junior  new
Erica K. 03-12-10 12:12 PST 
 Re: junior  new
Erica K. 03-14-10 15:46 PDT 
 Last Weeks  new
Jo@n 03-07-10 22:45 PST 
 Re: Thank you.  new
leah 03-09-10 07:31 PST 
Jo@n 01-30-10 20:34 PST 
 Thanks for the UPDATE!!! nt  new
Erica K. 02-01-10 00:37 PST 
 Re: Help. 12PM (EST)? or CS?  new
leah 02-07-10 16:40 PST 
 Am I the only one watching???  new
Erica K. 01-26-10 18:20 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
leah 01-28-10 07:36 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
Erica K. 01-29-10 01:37 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
leah 01-29-10 10:04 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
Erica K. 02-01-10 00:35 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
falgunitula 02-04-10 16:26 PST 
 Re: Am I the only one watching???  new
Erica K. 02-10-10 18:17 PST 
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