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Amarte Así (Frijolito) (26974 posts in 6387 threads)
Telemundo/Tepuy Co-Production. Formerly called Frijolito
USA (Telemundo) Apr. 5 - Sept. 19, 2005.
USA (Telemundo) Rerun Start Date June 23, 2008. 2PM.
USA (Telemundo) Rerun Start Summer 2012. 6AM.
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 Litzy's Next Telenovela = Amarte Asi II ?  new
Enoch 09-19-10 11:56 PDT 
 they supposedly did a spin off  new
Enoch 01-21-12 17:35 PST 
 Compare AA with MB cont  new
Enoch 09-09-10 18:46 PDT 
 Are u saying the end has been translated to French?  new
Enoch 04-01-11 11:27 PDT 
 "AA is playing again on Telemundo"  new
Enoch 08-31-10 20:11 PDT 
 Re: "AA is playing again on Telemundo"  new
Jeanne M. 09-01-10 08:47 PDT 
 Network Feed probably  new
Enoch 09-01-10 09:28 PDT 
 Frijolito episodes  new
Tisat 12-26-10 11:02 PST 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
Enoch 12-29-10 21:34 PST 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
anonima 02-02-11 07:30 PST 
 Where is the French ending?  new
Enoch 04-01-11 11:28 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
anne marie 09-01-11 22:28 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes English  new
Jane14 06-15-11 10:10 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes English  new
Enoch 07-29-11 15:30 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes English  new
daniela h 03-12-14 08:38 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes English  new
sky 04-09-13 05:55 PDT  new
dedicated server 02-08-15 04:45 PST 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
tanishta 07-22-11 23:02 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
Enoch 07-29-11 15:39 PDT 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
valerie Kruyer 12-17-14 13:45 PST 
 AA is on YouTube  new
Enoch 01-08-15 10:51 PST 
 Re: Frijolito episodes French / English  new
sabine 02-16-13 16:55 PST 
 Unknown/Mistaken Parentage  new
Enoch 08-22-10 15:48 PDT 
 Enrique Torres wrote both AA & Muñeca Brava  new
Enoch 08-21-10 17:34 PDT 
 Re: Enrique Torres wrote both AA & Muñeca Brava  new
Enoch 08-28-13 06:41 PDT 
 No Marcela played by Daniela Torres in AA  new
Enoch 08-14-10 11:52 PDT 
 Telenovela Conventions Update  new
Enoch 07-22-10 11:27 PDT 
 Is it true that "Tonto" has been dropped from the name?  new
Enoch 07-15-10 06:27 PDT 
 Still no sign of QT - La Loba continues on Azteca America  new
Enoch 07-09-10 10:27 PDT 
 Zap2It shows no QT thru July 30 on Azteca America  new
Enoch 07-17-10 08:45 PDT 
 Does anyone know when La Loba will end & allow QT  new
Enoch 07-30-10 13:15 PDT 
 La Loba still shows no sign of ending on Zap2it. nt  new
Enoch 08-06-10 16:26 PDT 
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