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El Cuerpo del Deseo (18511 posts in 4725 threads)
Telemundo/RTI production. Remake of Colombia's El Cuerpo Ajeno.
July 18, 2005-Feb. 28, 2006.
Rerun Start Date Sept. 15, 2008 - Mar. 20, 2009. Noon.
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Cast/Elenco - Updated June 6, 2006
News/Noticias - Updated Apr. 27, 2008
Summaries/Resúmenes 7/18/05-9/2/05 updated 11/1/05, 9/5/05-9/27/05, 10/3-28/05, 10/31/05-12/2/05, 12/5-29/05, 1/2/06-1/27/06 avances y resúmenes, 1/30/06-2/28/06 [FIN] - updated Nov. 30, 2006

Resúmenes de España 31 Oct. 2005- 24 abr. 2006[FIN]
Avances Breves de Colombia 14 nov. 2005-23 junio 2006

Resúmenes Espectaculares en español por MABOUCHITA
Caray, Caray! Blog - pics & synopses [N.B. Reposting Prohibited]

Sitio Oficial de Telemundo
Foro de Telemundo
Foro de Resúmenes de Telemundo

Foro de Lorena Rojas - Reg. Req'd

Sitio de España

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 Most of El Cuerpo is Available online free to watch  new
Enoch 04-27-14 19:59 PDT 
 Account for the Magic of DP Taking Salvador's Cuerpo -- on Rewatch  new
Enoch 03-28-14 19:56 PDT 
 It wud be easy to make a sequel to ECDD  new
Enoch 03-30-13 11:48 PDT 
 I have not seen better acting than from Lorena R in ECDD  new
Enoch 03-29-13 20:11 PDT 
 Mario tweeted...  new
Soulcatgirl 08-10-11 16:46 PDT 
 jjablan? Cat? I'm Still Here!  new
Pussy Galore 08-04-11 16:26 PDT 
 Re: Hello crazy woman!..woot!  new
Soulcatgirl 08-07-11 20:02 PDT 
 Hey!  new
Pussy Galore 08-07-11 20:32 PDT 
 Soulcatgirl ae you there......?  new
dreamer 07-27-11 09:03 PDT 
 Re: Soulcatgirl ae you there......?  new
Soulcatgirl 07-29-11 17:57 PDT 
 SUPPOSEDLY,"La Mujer de Mi Vida" is replacing "Heridas de Amor".  new
Pilaf 09-20-10 22:45 PDT 
 Re: Thank you Pilaf, for the info and links ...;);)...........n/p  new
Soulcatgirl 09-23-10 01:23 PDT 
 I've a video of the pageant.....:)  new
Soulcatgirl 09-18-10 22:12 PDT 
 ok, so MdA is starting monday  new
riv 09-17-10 07:33 PDT 
 Re: ok, so MdA is starting monday  new
jjablan 09-17-10 15:02 PDT 
 Re: Hola riv and jjablan....;)  new
Soulcatgirl 09-17-10 21:09 PDT 
 Re: Thanks cat....;)  new
jjablan 09-17-10 22:11 PDT 
 Re: Thanks jjablan....;)....remarked calender for 27th at noon...;)...  new
Soulcatgirl 09-18-10 14:07 PDT 
 thank you, ladies!  new
riv 09-20-10 08:32 PDT 
 Soulcatgirl...  new
jjablan 09-13-10 15:56 PDT 
 Re: jjablan thank you for telling me...;)  new
Soulcatgirl 09-13-10 18:37 PDT 
 Re: One interesting message:  new
jjablan 09-15-10 11:35 PDT 
 Re: One interesting message:  new
Soulcatgirl 09-17-10 21:35 PDT 
 Re: One interesting message:  new
jjablan 09-17-10 22:00 PDT 
 Hey Soulcatgirl.....  new
tc 09-11-10 15:19 PDT 
 Re: Hey tc.....:)  new
Soulcatgirl 09-11-10 17:29 PDT 
 Well, now that you mention it Soulcat...  new
tc 09-11-10 18:44 PDT 
 Re: tc I was reading in the Asian foro  new
Soulcatgirl 09-12-10 19:43 PDT 
 Re: tc I was reading in the Asian foro  new
tc 09-13-10 04:05 PDT 
 Re: tc is crunchyroll anime? not to much  new
Soulcatgirl 09-13-10 19:05 PDT 
 Crunchyroll has both anime and dramas....  new
tc 09-14-10 04:16 PDT 
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