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Alborada (41224 posts in 3426 threads)
Mexico (Televisa) Oct. 24, 2005-Feb. 24, 2006.
USA (Univision)Dec. 12, 2005 - Apr. 21, 2006 9PM.
USA (Telefutura) rerun Start May 31, 2011.
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 A First for me ...  new
Juanita6 10-09-11 11:09 PDT 
 There was a SECRET Episode on Thursday.  new
Pilaf 10-09-11 15:29 PDT 
 yep. they said it would be over wednesday  new
riv 10-19-11 19:40 PDT 
 91 episodes???? nt.  new
Pilaf 10-05-11 22:10 PDT 
 Oct. 5 episode (penultimate)  new
dd 10-05-11 15:58 PDT 
 Any good novelas coming???  new
Phyllis 10-05-11 10:32 PDT 
 TIME CHANGE!!! Now, 6AM-EST. What The.....?  new
Pilaf 09-18-11 04:45 PDT 
 Does "Las tontas" premiere tomorrow the 19th or is it already in progess? [nt]  new
Corina 09-18-11 14:52 PDT 
 It must be premiering in Alborada's spot,as 'Alba' goes in 'La Tijeras' spot.nt  new
Pilaf 09-18-11 15:36 PDT 
 Final  new
Abel 09-16-11 23:51 PDT 
 Re: Final episode  new
eeyore 10-02-11 14:25 PDT 
 modesta, the entymologist  new
riv 09-15-11 17:37 PDT 
 Modesta & Juana.  new
Pilaf 09-18-11 04:24 PDT 
 diego's legs  new
riv 09-13-11 18:10 PDT 
 Maybe,he's trying to give himself a scar,lol. nt.  new
Pilaf 09-14-11 06:19 PDT 
 he needs to hit a bit lower for that. LOL. nt  new
riv 09-14-11 08:16 PDT 
 I've been wondering about Diego's physical condition ...  new
Juanita6 09-15-11 15:03 PDT 
 spoiler  new
riv 09-15-11 17:36 PDT 
 Gasca's Confession Overhead by Cristobal..  new
Juanita6 09-11-11 15:37 PDT 
 Re: Gasca's Confession Overhead by Cristobal..  new
Lesa 09-13-11 12:16 PDT 
 Thank you ... I didn't get the "in the way so I had to kill him" part (nt)`  new
Juanita6 09-13-11 13:08 PDT 
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