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Amor a Palos (1684 posts in 543 threads)
Venezuela (RCTV) 2005.
USA (Telefutura)Start Date May 1, 2006, 5PM; July 5, 2006, 8:30AM-Jan. 30, 2007 (.5hr).
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News/Noticias - Updated 1/6/07
Resúmenes de RCTV 19 sept. 2005-25 abr. 2006 [FIN]
Avances Breves de Colombia 24 julio 2006-24 agosto 2006

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Sitio de Canal Caracol (Colombia(
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 ipwqyzym  new
nxygfrdhz 05-30-14 13:30 PDT 
 ipwqyzym  new
nxygfrdhz 05-30-14 13:30 PDT 
 Happy Birthday, Sir Paolo the Great!  new
Gina~ 07-11-08 16:03 PDT 
 What was cut from El Gran Final and before!  new
Gina~ 02-15-07 18:16 PST 
 Ilona/Buscando un Final (Theme of Wilfre y Greta) videos!!  new
Gina~ 02-10-07 01:48 PST 
 more questions about El Protector  new
dd 02-04-07 00:02 PST 
 Re: more questions about El Protector  new
Khabita 02-04-07 11:33 PST 
 Re: more questions about El Protector  new
KatefromVA 02-06-07 08:39 PST 
 Good question!  new
Gina~ 02-06-07 14:12 PST 
 Re: Good question!  new
KatefromVA 02-07-07 05:48 PST 
 Gran Final Review  new
Paul N 02-02-07 16:50 PST 
 Similarity between LmdJ and AAP...  new
Gina~ 02-02-07 17:56 PST 
 In Latin America it isn't too Politically Incorrect..  new
Juan+ 02-02-07 21:10 PST 
 You also won't see so much praying in shows in English...  new
Gina~ 02-03-07 01:57 PST 
 I forgot to write my pun:"Luis is on the lam" NT  new
Kevin 02-02-07 10:07 PST 
 Haha...very clever, Kevin! NT  new
Gina~ 02-13-07 20:15 PST 
 What the heck happened to Greta?!  new
Gina~ 01-30-07 22:29 PST 
 Yes, things were quite rushed. Plus my rating of this.  new
Kevin 01-31-07 10:22 PST 
 Re: Pamela does kill herself by drinking poison...  new
Ramon C 01-31-07 11:08 PST 
 Re: What the heck happened to Greta?!  new
Paul N 01-31-07 15:43 PST 
 some questions  new
dd 01-30-07 18:44 PST 
 Re: some questions  new
Juan+ 01-30-07 20:12 PST 
 Error in one answer...  new
Juan+ 01-30-07 20:17 PST 
 To add to El Protector...  new
Gina~ 01-30-07 22:32 PST 
 A little more...  new
Kevin 01-31-07 10:12 PST 
 If anyone wants a Gran Final summary...  new
Paul N 01-30-07 16:17 PST 
 Yessss, please! And thank you. nt  new
dd 01-30-07 18:30 PST 
 Too bad Rocio wasn't El Protector...  new
Paul N 01-30-07 16:14 PST 
 Yo tambien! I was happy with the result! NT  new
Gina~ 01-30-07 22:33 PST 
 Re: Too bad Rocio wasn't El Protector...  new
Vicky73 01-31-07 08:33 PST 
 But... but...  new
Kevin 01-31-07 10:14 PST 
 I was thinking about that, Kevin...  new
Gina~ 01-31-07 15:01 PST 
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