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La Viuda de Blanco (Telemundo Version) (3076 posts in 712 threads)
USA (Telemundo)Remake of 1996 Colombian novela. July 24, 2006-Mar. 2, 2007. 8PM/7PM.
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Cast/Elenco - updated June 23, 2008
News/Noticias - Updated 2/11/07
Resúmenes 24 julio 2006-1 sep. 2006, 4-29 sep. 2006, 2 oct. 2006-01 dic. 2006, 4 dic. 2006-2 mar. 2007 [FIN]
Recaps/Summaries July 24, 2006 - Mar. 2, 2007[END]
Avances Breves de Colombia 28 agosto 2006-18 mayo 2007[FIN]
Resúmenes de España 22 dic. 2006-16 julio 2007[FIN]
Resúmenes de RCTV (Vz.) 27 mar. 2008 - 21 junio 2008 [FIN]
Resúmenes de México 15 nov. 2008 - 29 abril 2011 [FIN]

Sitio Oficial de Telemundo (Yahoo)
Nuevo (Dic. 2006) Foro Yahoo/Telemundo

OLD Sitio Oficial de Telemundo
OLD Foro de Telemundo
OLD Foro de Resúmenes Diarios
Foro New Telemundo - videos

Sitio de Colombia (Canal Caracol)
Sitio de RCTV
Televisa/esmas (Mexico)

Series Now
Internet Movie Database (Telemundo version)
Wikipedia - Español (Telemundo Version)
Wikipedia - English (Telemundo Version)

Promo on YouTube

TW Forum for the Colombian original
Cast/Elenco from Colombian Original
Summaries (Telemundo-2000)of Colombian Original
Internet Movie Database - Colombian Original
Wikipedia - Español (Colombian Original)

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 Is Bobby Shmurda a wonder artist?  new
shmurdao 01-22-15 06:28 PST 
 Lots of cut scenes?  new
Juanita6 08-17-09 15:08 PDT 
 Re: Lots of cut scenes? Now that you mention it  new
LLanero 08-25-09 11:26 PDT 
 Re: Lots of cut scenes? Now that you mention it  new
Boris 08-27-09 16:01 PDT 
 I've now concluded that scene cutting must have been done...  new
Juanita6 08-27-09 16:27 PDT 
 If Ever a Telenovela Needed Cutting, this is it  new
Enoch 07-22-12 13:18 PDT 
 Finale 8/20  new
Boris 07-21-09 20:18 PDT 
 Re: Amores -- any good??? n/t  new
LLanero 07-25-09 09:41 PDT 
 Re: This is what B. told me about Amores???  new
jjablan 07-28-09 16:34 PDT 
 Re: I'm still in the dark  new
LLanero 07-31-09 05:31 PDT 
 Re: I'm not sure about it  new
jjablan 07-31-09 07:18 PDT 
 Re: I'll just wait and see then,  new
LLanero 07-31-09 10:42 PDT 
 Are we seeing a novela here that has been cut ..  new
Juanita6 07-07-09 20:33 PDT 
 Not that I've noticed  new
LLanero 07-25-09 09:43 PDT 
 Ah, finally found it! HI everyone  new
LLanero 05-21-09 07:17 PDT 
 Captions Missing...  new
Devorita 04-29-09 09:01 PDT 
 Re: Captions Missing...  new
Gianna 04-29-09 14:48 PDT 
 Contrast his reaction to Dimlit's efforts  new
Enoch 05-04-09 16:26 PDT 
 Hello Enoch....I'm checking in :-)  new
Gianna 04-20-09 08:57 PDT 
 Ola Gianna  new
Enoch 05-04-09 16:32 PDT 
 Itati Cantoral  new
Enoch 04-04-09 20:55 PDT 
 Re: I'm ok with her acting  new
LLanero 05-21-09 07:21 PDT 
 What Part does Kaplan play?(nt)  new
Juanita6 07-07-09 07:57 PDT 
 There was an important throw away line  new
Enoch 04-04-09 20:54 PDT 
 The themes of LVdB  new
Enoch 04-04-09 20:48 PDT 
 Episode 1 LVdB 2009  new
Enoch 03-31-09 20:44 PDT 
 Starting to watch a new telenovela  new
Enoch 03-31-09 20:34 PDT 
 i just finish watch this wc spoiler  new
Denise R 03-31-09 08:38 PDT 
 Colombian original vs. Telemundo remake  new
Enoch 03-31-09 20:36 PDT 
 Rerun Next Week 2009  new
Enoch 03-27-09 16:51 PDT 
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