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El Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa (Pasiones) (63702 posts in 5420 threads)
Producción de Sony Pcitures, Television Internation, RTI Colombia para Telemundo. Feb. 12, 2007-July 23, 2007. 9PM.
USA (Telemundo) Rerun Start Date Feb. 8, 2010. 1-3PM
USA(Pasiones)Premiere 17 feb. 2015.
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 Topics Author  Date
 Que pasa con Yumalai?  new
daria 08-02-07 02:01 PDT 
 Adelantazo/SPOILER if you haven't seen it  new
Jen Asha 08-02-07 09:41 PDT 
 The measure of a good novela...  new
martai 07-30-07 10:37 PDT 
 Well, I may be weird  new
Jen Asha 07-31-07 09:53 PDT 
 I think  new
Marta 07-31-07 13:46 PDT 
 lol, the endings are almost never the best part in novelas nt.  new
pizarro 07-31-07 17:02 PDT 
 Re: Hero and Heroine  new
Zenamor 07-31-07 19:49 PDT 
 Re: The measure of a good novela...  new
Enoch 08-05-07 21:35 PDT 
 A Big, Belated THANK YOU to B., Mabou, Marta i,  new
Diane 07-27-07 17:44 PDT 
 Re: A Big THANK YOU from me too.....  new
Zenamor 07-28-07 12:30 PDT 
 No, Diane. THANK YOU AND BEN for everything you do to give us this  new
martai 07-30-07 10:38 PDT 
 i TOTALLY second martai's post  new
B. 07-30-07 11:37 PDT 
 You are welcome Diane! and many thanks to you and Ben.  new
Mabouchita 08-04-07 18:12 PDT 
 Special Thanks to Mabouchita  new
Enoch 07-25-07 15:12 PDT 
 Seconded, and to B!  new
g 07-25-07 15:59 PDT 
 Re: Special Thanks to all & everyone in this forum  new
leah 07-25-07 16:14 PDT 
 My cable company (located in Northern Virginia)...  new
Gillie78 07-25-07 19:50 PDT 
 I think it is a rerun del FIN n/t  new
Enoch 07-26-07 13:07 PDT 
 Enjoyed it all! Thanks!  new
Lesa 07-25-07 16:40 PDT 
 Dear Enoch, it is a pleasure  new
Mabouchita 08-04-07 18:10 PDT 
 They rapped it up really fast :/  new
Nancy2869 07-25-07 12:57 PDT 
 OT: Aeryn, your LM musical videos (all 3) on youtube are AMAZING!!!  new
marta i 07-25-07 06:07 PDT 
 OH Im so glad!  new
Aerynsun 07-25-07 11:00 PDT 
 Actually, the more I think about it, I consider Chris luckier than most  new
martai 07-25-07 11:36 PDT 
 I agree  new
Aerynsun 07-25-07 13:56 PDT 
 yup... it is funny how some actors' most memorable roles are villains  new
martai 07-25-07 14:17 PDT 
 Ouestion about Mundo De Fieras  new
Kylliki 07-26-07 08:43 PDT 
 well... MdF was not a novela that caught my attention even with the great cast  new
martai 07-26-07 11:00 PDT 
 Thank You martai....  new
Kylliki 07-27-07 05:23 PDT 
 Re: Marta, I agree with everything you wrote about MdF  new
Tali on a different computer 07-27-07 19:55 PDT 
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