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Dame Chocolate (51021 posts in 23613 threads)
USA (Telemundo) March 5-Oct. 5, 2007. 7PM
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 The rerun has ended...  new
Gillie78 09-02-13 06:17 PDT 
 rosita?  new
deb 08-25-13 21:14 PDT 
 Re: rosita?  new
Julie562 08-26-13 11:55 PDT 
 Another Birthday...  new
Ted E 07-29-13 23:19 PDT 
 Gillie you are not alone...  new
Ted E 07-24-13 13:12 PDT 
 Thanks, Ted...  new
Gillie78 07-25-13 08:19 PDT 
 Carlos Ponce  new
Gillie78 07-22-13 09:21 PDT 
 Perla Ferias is writing "Marido en Alquiler"...  new
Gillie78 07-15-13 12:55 PDT 
 Is anyone else watching this again?  new
Gillie78 06-28-13 09:35 PDT 
 Rosita, is that you...  new
deb 06-09-13 20:12 PDT 
 Khotan...supurb casting...  new
Ted E 05-01-13 23:37 PDT 
 He does do a great job...  new
Gillie78 05-02-13 06:42 PDT 
 Dame Chocolate on Telemundo...  new
Ted E 04-29-13 10:06 PDT 
 Re: Dame Chocolate on Telemundo...  new
Gillie78 04-29-13 16:26 PDT 
 It's pretty egregiously chopped up with interruptions for ads...  new
Gillie78 04-30-13 08:06 PDT 
 Re: Dame Chocolate on Telemundo...  new
deb 05-01-13 08:49 PDT 
 Re: Dame Chocolate on Telemundo...  new
Ted E 05-01-13 23:14 PDT 
 Re: Dame Chocolate on Telemundo...  new
Julie562 08-26-13 11:59 PDT 
 Identity Thief...  new
deb 02-08-13 23:44 PST 
 the Last Stand...  new
deb 01-19-13 11:44 PST 
 Genesis  new
Gillie78 01-08-13 13:58 PST 
 I saw it and Genesis did well...  new
Gillie78 01-10-13 10:03 PST 
 thanks Gillie...  new
deb 01-11-13 10:53 PST 
 Wishing...  new
Ted E 12-26-12 09:03 PST 
 Genesis Rodriguez...  new
deb 12-09-12 19:39 PST 
 The Last Stand... with Genesis Rodriguez  new
deb 12-01-12 00:25 PST 
 Re: The Last Stand... with Genesis Rodriguez  new
jjablan 12-09-12 20:29 PST 
 Re: The Last Stand... with Genesis Rodriguez  new
Ted E 12-26-12 08:46 PST 
 another pic...  new
deb 12-30-12 21:12 PST 
 Re: The Last Stand... with Genesis Rodriguez  new
Gillie78 01-01-13 09:32 PST 
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