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 Topics Author  Date
 vrsfshs  new
yqoalin 05-30-14 13:30 PDT 
 no comments about the end?  new
bastian89 02-16-08 13:53 PST 
 LOL ....we haven't seen it yet.......  new
Nadjila. 02-16-08 14:37 PST 
 I'm anxiously awaiting!  new
Jen Asha 02-16-08 14:43 PST 
 I liked it  new
j.r. 02-16-08 18:44 PST 
 Not me , I didn't really expect to like it...  new
Nadjila. 02-16-08 21:16 PST 
 I missed the first 20 minutes  new
Jen Asha 02-17-08 11:55 PST 
 Jen ?........  new
Nadjila. 02-17-08 12:25 PST 
 Nadjila  new
Jen Asha 02-19-08 07:42 PST 
 thanks Jen.......  new
Nadjila. 02-19-08 07:54 PST 
 JEN I Uploaded the last capitulo on my site  new
Paulo. 02-17-08 16:41 PST 
 It seems on Wednesday ....  new
Nadjila. 02-12-08 16:40 PST 
 The schedule looks the same as usual on Dish n/t  new
j.r. 02-12-08 16:55 PST 
 Strange,on mine it shows football and no  new
Nadjila. 02-12-08 16:59 PST 
 what's going on? today it stopped recording..  new
Nadjila. 02-12-08 18:04 PST 
 lol..the time slot is still showing football???...nt..  new
Nadjila. 02-13-08 16:56 PST 
 I'm not looking forward to this last week  new
Jen Asha 02-12-08 08:05 PST 
 Re: I'm not looking forward to this last week  new
Nadjila. 02-12-08 09:57 PST 
 Re: Christiana Oliveira said that ending will be cinematographic  new
Victor F. 02-12-08 13:41 PST 
 Indeed! n/t  new
j.r. 02-12-08 15:10 PST 
 Im a dork but I cried when Simone died...  new
Paulo. 02-10-08 23:04 PST 
 It was very good, I liked it too n/t  new
j.r. 02-11-08 11:40 PST 
 Re: Im a dork but I cried when Simone died...  new
Pari Basrur 02-14-08 06:39 PST 
 I was hoping for a while Rebecca was the murderer  new
Jen Asha 02-14-08 08:14 PST 
 A curious thing  new
j.r. 02-07-08 20:07 PST 
 Re: A curious thing  new
Nadjila. 02-07-08 20:29 PST 
 Yes, we are  new
j.r. 02-07-08 22:34 PST 
 Flávio's death  new
j.r. 02-05-08 18:32 PST 
 Re: Flávio's death  new
Nadjila. 02-05-08 19:39 PST 
 Re: Flávio's death  new
bastian79 02-05-08 22:22 PST 
 Not me.......  new
Nadjila. 02-06-08 09:08 PST 
 Re: Not me.......  new
bastian79 02-06-08 12:39 PST 
 Re: Not me.......  new
Nadjila. 02-06-08 14:12 PST 
 In today's episode ...  new
j.r. 02-06-08 18:03 PST 
 Thank you!  new
Jen Asha 02-07-08 07:47 PST 
 Re: In today's episode ...  new
Nadjila. 02-07-08 09:32 PST 
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