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Ciranda de Pedra [Globo] (546 posts in 36 threads)
Rede Globo (Brasil)5 maio 2008 - 3 outubre 2008.
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Cast/Elenco - Updated Aug. 28, 2008

Resumos em portugûes 5 maio 2008 - 3 outubre 2008[FIM]

Sitio Oficial de Rede Globo

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 This must be ...  new
j.r. 05-15-08 16:28 PDT 
 -:) least you can't make fun of her ...  new
Nadjila. 05-15-08 16:39 PDT 
 I know  new
j.r. 05-15-08 20:15 PDT 
 Re: We need Carolina Dieckman back on TV  new
Victor F. 05-16-08 06:48 PDT 
 I don't know how it happened but  new
Camelia- 05-16-08 11:02 PDT 
 A new thing  new
j.r. 05-16-08 12:36 PDT 
 I read that...  new
Bariab 05-16-08 13:08 PDT 
 lol!!!  new
Camelia- 05-16-08 13:35 PDT 
 Now seriously ***SPOILER***  new
Bariab 05-16-08 14:58 PDT 
 That would be quite the scene  new
j.r. 05-16-08 16:14 PDT 
 Re: It all started with Sol in a Box  new
Victor F. 05-16-08 21:02 PDT 
 I'd like to see her ...  new
j.r. 05-16-08 23:06 PDT 
 Re: Your mean, lol nt  new
Victor F. 05-17-08 20:55 PDT 
 Hehehehehehehehe n/t  new
j.r. 05-18-08 09:38 PDT 
 That was strange,my dvr didn't pick up the signal.....  new
Nadjila. 05-13-08 16:28 PDT 
 No problem here ...  new
j.r. 05-13-08 17:00 PDT 
 I agree,lol......but you have dish..  new
Nadjila. 05-13-08 17:08 PDT 
 Well? something is off and I can't......  new
Nadjila. 05-08-08 19:56 PDT 
 Re: Well? something is off and I can't......  new
Victor F. 05-09-08 06:14 PDT thing that completely turns me off is having to  new
Camelia- 05-09-08 12:25 PDT 
 Re: thing that completely turns me off is having to  new
Aleida 05-09-08 13:43 PDT 
 Re: Originally the role of Nastarcio was going to be played by  new
Victor F. 05-09-08 13:48 PDT 
 the only character I like is Virginia.....  new
Nadjila. 05-09-08 16:04 PDT 
 They should've had ...  new
j.r. 05-09-08 19:31 PDT 
 Re: Actually Leandra Leal and Ana Beatriz Nogueira have strong potential  new
Victor F. 05-09-08 22:39 PDT 
 No no no ...  new
j.r. 05-10-08 02:01 PDT 
 Re: I haven't had the honor to see Paginas...  new
Victor F. 05-10-08 18:34 PDT 
 Hehehe  new
j.r. 05-10-08 20:40 PDT 
 Re: Sol in a Box is a classic lol nt  new
Victor F. 05-11-08 16:36 PDT 
 Re: They should've had ...  new
Aleida 05-10-08 13:02 PDT 
 Yes, you're right  new
j.r. 05-10-08 15:29 PDT 
 Re: They should have kept Marco Ricca  new
Victor F. 05-10-08 18:36 PDT 
 Re: They should've had ...(Osmar Prado)  new
GloboFan 05-12-08 09:32 PDT 
 Re: the only character I like is Virginia.....  new
Aleida 05-10-08 13:04 PDT 
 Re: Bruna will be quite the character  new
Victor F. 05-10-08 18:35 PDT 
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