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El Señor de la Querencia (TVN) (854 posts in 278 threads)
Adult novela from TVN (Chile) 12 may 2008 - 2 sept. 2008.
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Resúmenes de TVN 12 mayo 2008 - 2 sept. 2008 [Caps. 1-64]

Sitio OFICIAL de TVN (Chile) - dialup often very slow

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 cárcel de mujeres 2  new
jeanette 10-08-08 20:37 PDT 
 Navy stands for US NAVY  new
Ramonv 10-12-08 19:36 PDT 
 Well, I finally got to see the finale today and...  new
jeanette 09-09-08 10:41 PDT 
 a probable TVChile timeslot for the next adult series  new
jeanette 09-05-08 10:57 PDT 
 Re: a probable TVChile timeslot for the next adult series  new
Camelia- 09-05-08 11:18 PDT 
 Romané....Romané...Romané!  new
Janet 09-05-08 11:20 PDT 
 I wonder if it would help if we wrote in?  new
Camelia- 09-05-08 12:33 PDT 
 I think Carcel de Mujeres will be weekly...  new
Janet 09-05-08 11:18 PDT 
 saw a promo for Wednesday sept. 10 at 10pm nt  new
Ramonv 09-05-08 18:10 PDT 
 Thanks! Looks like that confirms my guess (nt)  new
Janet 09-05-08 18:49 PDT 
 promos were cancelled :( due to.....  new
Ramonv 09-06-08 19:20 PDT 
 Presentan cargos contra Julio Milostich por homicidio frustrado - La Tercera  new
maritere 09-03-08 17:48 PDT 
 Follow-up...  new
Janet 09-03-08 18:10 PDT 
 I've heard he's in the hospital  new
Ramonv 09-03-08 18:11 PDT 
 Re: I've heard he's in the hospital  new
jeanette 09-03-08 20:09 PDT 
 Re: I've heard he's in the hospital  new
Janet 09-03-08 21:07 PDT 
 Final episode got 52 peak points in ratings NT  new
Ramonv 09-03-08 17:38 PDT 
 Article: Interview with Victor Carrasco about "La Querencia"  new
Janet 09-03-08 16:43 PDT 
 my one moment of irritation last night  new
Camelia- 09-03-08 09:05 PDT 
 Ah, Luis Emilio...  new
Janet 09-03-08 10:14 PDT 
 Re: Ah, Luis Emilio...  new
jeanette 09-09-08 11:16 PDT 
 what an ending!  new
maritere 09-03-08 14:40 PDT 
 Looks like we do agree on the performances...  new
Janet 09-03-08 15:27 PDT 
 maritere - I counted too...  new
Janet 09-03-08 15:42 PDT 
 Did my spoiler come true?  new
Ramonv 09-02-08 19:43 PDT 
 Are you talking about your 8/14 post in the main foro?  new
Janet 09-02-08 20:04 PDT 
 This telenovela will be released on DVD (2 volumes)  new
Ramonv 09-02-08 16:44 PDT 
 Last night's episode - scary, dreamy, beautiful...  new
Janet 09-02-08 12:57 PDT 
 absolutely..I was at the edge of my seat!  new
Camelia- 09-02-08 13:40 PDT 
 Re: absolutely..I was at the edge of my seat!  new
Janet 09-02-08 14:04 PDT 
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