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Hijos del Monte (TVN) (1413 posts in 902 threads)
TVN (Chile).3 sept. - 7 nov. 2008
Chile (TVN Rerun) 30 nov. 2010 - 8 feb. 2011
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Cast/Elenco - Updated 2 sept. 2008

Resúmenes de TVN (Chile) 2 sept. 2008-7 nov. 2008
Lista de los Capítulos de TVN (Chile) 30 nov. 2010-8 feb. 2011 [FIN]

Sitio Oficial de TVN (Chile)
TV Chile

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 Don't forget the Chilean time changed!  new
Robin on the road 03-16-09 06:40 PDT 
 Los Exitosos Pells: weekend rerun just started...  new
Janet 03-14-09 09:05 PDT 
 and of course I missed it  new
Camelia- 03-15-09 12:10 PDT 
 Camelia - I think all nine episodes so far are now on youtube...  new
Janet 03-16-09 14:03 PDT 
 thanks Janet..I'm going to start taping it but I don't want to  new
Camelia- 03-16-09 16:23 PDT 
 OT: Alguien te Mira (spoiler for first episode)  new
Janet 03-13-09 10:28 PDT 
 Re: OT: Alguien te Mira (spoiler for first episode)  new
Camelia- 03-15-09 12:13 PDT 
 Re: OT: Alguien te Mira (spoiler for first episode)  new
Janet 03-17-09 11:10 PDT 
 Hijos del Monte - last capitulo rerun today, 6:15pm eastern, 3:15pm pacific  new
Janet 03-11-09 10:20 PDT 
 Los Exitosos Pells: Historia y Personajes  new
Janet 03-10-09 16:53 PDT 
 The Ending  new
luxcegirl 03-10-09 15:59 PDT 
 Re: The Ending  new
mc1965 03-11-09 06:34 PDT 
 Re: The Ending  new
MIRIAM707 03-26-11 12:54 PDT 
 Hijos del Monte - Último Capítilo Hoy  new
Janet 03-10-09 09:45 PDT 
 Remember - time change will affect your TVChile programs...  new
Janet 03-09-09 10:03 PDT 
 Of course, it doesn't help me when I goof up  new
Robin on the road 03-10-09 08:51 PDT 
 does HDM finish tonight?nt  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 07:10 PDT 
 Re: does HDM finish tonight?nt  new
mc1965 03-09-09 08:05 PDT 
 Don't know, but this morning they were still saying "ultimos capitulos"...  new
Janet 03-09-09 09:39 PDT 
 thanks guys..I really hate what they've done recently with the novelas..  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 11:33 PDT 
 Argentinean vs. Chilean casts  new
Marcos L. 03-08-09 22:38 PDT 
 that's the whole first week on youtube  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 07:09 PDT 
 Re: that's the whole first week on youtube  new
Marcos L. 03-09-09 10:46 PDT 
 Interesting - I'd agree with you that it's hard to call it a remake...  new
Janet 03-09-09 09:46 PDT 
 that would REALLY be interesting..watching two interpretations of the same  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 11:39 PDT 
 I think the subject matter has a lot to do with it...  new
Janet 03-09-09 12:18 PDT 
 you're kidding!!  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 12:48 PDT 
 Will it be recapped on the weekend?  new
Camelia- 03-06-09 20:43 PST 
 tennis this weekend nt  new
Ramonv 03-07-09 12:09 PST 
 Camelia - about the first few episodes...  new
Janet 03-09-09 09:53 PDT 
 thanks Janet..that's sweet of you!  new
Camelia- 03-09-09 11:44 PDT 
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