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El Rostro de Analía (3525 posts in 812 threads)
Telemundo 2008. Start Date Oct. 20, 2008. 9:00PM.
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 Never posted here so I will  
RoxyDivaStar 05-10-11 05:10 PDT 
 Never replied to one of your posts so I will  
Corina 01-03-12 08:45 PST 
 OT.....for soriano or Sue Soriano  
jjablan 07-06-10 07:35 PDT 
 Re: OT.....for soriano or Sue Soriano  
Sue Soriano 07-15-10 10:32 PDT 
 Re: OT.....for soriano or Sue Soriano  
jjablan 07-17-10 10:15 PDT 
 elizabeth gutierrez  
Isabella 01-12-10 10:39 PST 
 Re: elizabeth gutierrez  
tasha79 01-22-10 12:52 PST 
 Re: elizabeth gutierrez  
Enoch 01-29-10 23:05 PST 
jjablan 01-22-10 16:29 PST 
 Re: elizabeth gutierrez  
jjablan 03-15-10 18:01 PDT 
 I was out of town for 10 days and just caught up  
tasha79 07-22-09 14:28 PDT 
 Re: I was out of town for 10 days and just caught up  
jjablan 07-25-09 20:58 PDT 
Isabella 08-01-09 09:39 PDT 
novelero 07-19-09 16:11 PDT 
jjablan 07-19-09 17:02 PDT 
 Re: BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS: Novelero does it again!  
Enoch 07-20-09 07:36 PDT 
 elizabeth gutierrez y william levy  
jjablan 07-19-09 11:53 PDT 
 Re: elizabeth gutierrez  
jjablan 07-19-09 11:56 PDT 
 thanks for the links, JJ  
Enoch 07-19-09 19:01 PDT 
 Missed episode for Fe .  
jjablan 07-18-09 13:53 PDT 
 Re: Missed episode for Fe .  
Fe 07-24-09 00:32 PDT 
 ***THE END.............of ERdA on 07/16/09/ ***  
jjablan 07-17-09 19:10 PDT 
 Thanks to all the recappers  
Pascal 07-18-09 14:47 PDT 
 Re: You are welcome..  
jjablan 08-17-09 19:48 PDT 
 Isa and Mauricio?  
jjablan 07-17-09 17:58 PDT 
 Mauricio & Analia  
Enoch 07-17-09 23:11 PDT 
 What you didn't like in this novella?  
jjablan 07-17-09 12:46 PDT 
 Re: What you didn't like in this novella?  
leah 07-17-09 15:08 PDT 
 What about Vicki's kissing?  
Enoch 07-17-09 23:09 PDT 
 Re: Mariana changed to a mouse  
Pascal 07-18-09 14:39 PDT 
 Re: What you didn't like in this novella?  
Michelina 07-18-09 13:14 PDT 
 & a big drug crime w/ a Mexican syndicate & no FBI nt  
Enoch 07-18-09 13:31 PDT 
 Re: What you didn't like in this novella?  
a fan 07-28-09 13:26 PDT 
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