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India/Caminho das Índias/Camino de Indias (4785 posts in 780 threads)
Rede Globo (Brasil) Jan. 15, 2009 - 11 Setembro 2009.
USA (Telefutura) Under the name India. Oct. 5, 2010-April 23?, 2011. 10PM
LaTele Start Date Aug. 2, 2011. 9PM.
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Cast/Elenco - Updated Sept. 22, 2010

Resumos em português 19 jan. 2009 - 11 setembro 2009[FIM]
Resúmenes de Ecuavisa 16 marzo 2010 - 11 oct. 2010 [FIN]
Sinopsis/Más Información Sobre La Novela (de Univ.)

Rede Globo (Brasil)
Ecuavisa (Ecuador)
Foro de Univision
Univision's Glossary of Hindi Terms

Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Español)
Wikipedia (Português)

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 Topics Author  Date
 tnflc  new
ysbvlrvrkka 05-30-14 13:21 PDT 
 india a love story  new
fola 12-15-12 17:58 PST 
 Help i need a summary update!  new
Chintha 02-24-12 10:00 PST 
 Suriya the Cobra  new
Katja 12-17-11 09:11 PST 
 Re: Suriya the Cobra - SPOILER  new
Ameksy 02-07-12 18:42 PST 
 MAJOR SPOILERS ABOVE--Tell the ending of the novela.  new
Indiafan 02-14-12 23:34 PST 
 Ooops, my bad... NT  new
Ameksy 02-15-12 18:15 PST 
 Re: Suriya the Cobra - SPOILER  new
kokodak 03-01-12 15:56 PST 
 starts Aug. 2, 2011 on LaTele nt  new
Diane 07-26-11 20:46 PDT 
 Soundtrack  new
the_PEEP_show 06-08-11 21:12 PDT 
 Gopal and Yvone - a couple in real life!  new
Torbie 05-08-11 13:04 PDT 
 Re: Gopal and Yvone - a couple in real life!  new
Sybil 02-16-12 14:13 PST 
 Read this article about gender preference in India  new
df 05-04-11 06:38 PDT 
 La Pola's forum.. warning ,you may find spoilers...  new
Nadjila 04-26-11 15:57 PDT 
 It starts Monday at 7 pm..replacing DB..  new
Nadjila 04-29-11 07:54 PDT 
 There were so many open-ended questions. Like:  new
Chrisso 04-26-11 14:54 PDT 
 Happy Birthday, Torbie...  new
estaban :) 04-26-11 07:09 PDT 
 where to find subtitled???  new
mm 04-25-11 23:54 PDT 
 Re: where to find subtitled???  new
Okheops 04-26-11 11:50 PDT 
 What replaced India? nt  new
df 04-25-11 18:52 PDT 
 La Pola will most likely replace India nt  new
Okheops 04-25-11 21:43 PDT 
 If anyone is interested...I  new
lindabo 04-25-11 16:38 PDT 
 Re: where do l get the summary of all episodes  new
Rose van Rijn 05-02-11 02:35 PDT 
 Re: If anyone is interested...I  new
asdewi 09-21-11 12:24 PDT 
 India II - The tale of the two Nihash  new
gnr 04-25-11 07:02 PDT 
 Re: India II - The tale of the two Nihash  new
rth 04-25-11 11:33 PDT 
 Re: India II - NOBODY swindles Cesar and gets away with it  new
westvillage 04-26-11 08:46 PDT 
 Series needed one more episode to be perfect  new
kunta 04-24-11 18:49 PDT 
 Re: Series needed one more episode to be perfect  new
westvillage 04-24-11 20:14 PDT 
 Re: Series needed one more episode to be perfect  new
Faro 04-24-11 23:55 PDT 
 Re: Series needed one more episode to be perfect  new
Nadjila 04-25-11 08:13 PDT 
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