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La Casa en la Playa (1758 posts in 390 threads)
Televisa (Mexico) 2000 Novela.
Univision Repeat Feb.-May, 2005. 2AM.
USA (Telefutura) Repeat July 21, 2008-Oct. 20, 2008. 8AM.
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Summaries/Resúmenes 2000-2001

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 Topics Author  Date
 the picture  new
CueBallKay 02-16-10 14:17 PST 
 Re: the picture  new
Yolandita 02-20-10 16:37 PST 
 Is it the actor's charisma or what?  new
Liz*Blue 10-18-08 10:58 PDT 
 Can anyone tell me the important stuff  new
Liz*Blue 10-18-08 10:54 PDT 
 help with character information? - spoilers removed  new
Diane 10-13-08 22:10 PDT 
 Major Spoilers in the above  new
Liz*Blue 10-14-08 17:09 PDT 
 I'm soooooo sorry  new
Diane 10-14-08 22:46 PDT 
 don't worry  new
LizBlue 10-15-08 09:56 PDT 
 Re: help with character information? - spoilers removed  new
LizBlue 10-23-08 12:15 PDT 
 Severo Rincon is something else  new
Liz*Blue 10-12-08 16:30 PDT 
 So is Marina  new
Yaqui Girl 10-12-08 21:49 PDT 
 Re: So is Marina  new
Liz*Blue 10-13-08 17:23 PDT 
 two of my favorite villains  new
dd 10-13-08 22:33 PDT 
 Gran Final...Monday Oct 20th  new
Lesa 10-07-08 19:57 PDT 
 Re: Gran Final...Monday Oct 20th  new
Rosie Altamirano 10-09-08 09:57 PDT 
 Apuesta por un amor next  new
Lesa 10-09-08 16:22 PDT 
 Marisol  new
Gabriel 10-04-08 18:18 PDT 
 Re: Marisol  new
pwhite 10-06-08 00:46 PDT 
 Ultimos Capitulos  new
Gabriel 09-29-08 17:32 PDT 
 Re: Ultimos Capitulos  new
pwhite 09-30-08 00:11 PDT 
 Re: This was a good novela anyone  new
leah 10-02-08 16:47 PDT 
 nothing yet  new
Lesa 10-03-08 14:57 PDT 
 Re: Ultimos Capitulos  new
juan perez 10-18-08 05:25 PDT 
 Re: Ultimos Capitulos  new
juan perez 10-18-08 05:25 PDT 
Paul N 09-12-08 14:09 PDT 
Jeri 09-18-08 11:15 PDT 
LisaV 09-21-08 10:07 PDT 
 I have no tv  new
Yaqui Girl 09-10-08 21:56 PDT 
 Re: I have no tv  new
riv 09-11-08 09:25 PDT 
 some things I know  new
Lesa 09-11-08 15:57 PDT 
 Re: I have no tv  new
riv 09-12-08 08:45 PDT 
 In only one episode  new
Lesa 09-12-08 14:21 PDT 
 My mom had a massive heart attack in 2000  new
Yaqui Girl 09-12-08 21:39 PDT 
 Thank u very much riv & Lesa for giving me the lowdown on this week's episodes  new
Yaqui Girl 09-12-08 21:08 PDT 
 you're welcome, Yaqui Girl! not that i did much! d: nt  new
riv 09-13-08 05:06 PDT 
 Your Welcome....  new
Lesa 09-13-08 14:17 PDT 
 I know who murdered Angel - not a spoiler  new
Yaqui Girl 09-06-08 12:03 PDT 
 This is a great novela full of  new
leah 09-03-08 16:12 PDT 
 This is gonna sound weird but I love the couple Cesar & Marina  new
Yaqui Girl 09-01-08 13:54 PDT 
 My favorite things about this show  new
LizBlue 08-29-08 09:45 PDT 
 Did Elisa swim in the pool with the black dress on?  new
Liz*Blue 08-30-08 13:30 PDT 
 why's cesar so worried about paulina investigating her husband's death?  new
riv 08-22-08 09:12 PDT 
 Here are my speculations about the unknown killer(s)  new
Yaqui Girl 08-23-08 17:13 PDT 
 Re: Here are my speculations about the unknown killer(s)  new
riv 08-24-08 09:53 PDT 
 Sorry riv - I'm only speculating that...  new
Yaqui Girl 08-24-08 19:15 PDT 
 ohhh, i see.  new
riv 08-25-08 07:18 PDT 
 W0W!!! it's Mario Iván Martínez!!!  new
riv 08-18-08 08:27 PDT 
 I love seeing Marga Lopez, she is my all time..  new
Scott 08-15-08 07:51 PDT 
 Marga Lopez's son came out briefly here  new
Yaqui Girl 08-23-08 16:46 PDT 
 That's an awfully big burden Angel put on JC’s shoulders…  new
florcandela 08-06-08 09:00 PDT 
 Re: That's an awfully big burden Angel put on JC’s shoulders…  new
riv 08-06-08 15:55 PDT 
 La viudita is turning out to be .......  new
florcandela 08-14-08 12:26 PDT 
 Re: La viudita is turning out to be .......  new
riv 08-14-08 16:12 PDT 
 OT: riv I can't find your email?  new
florcandela 08-17-08 11:53 PDT 
 of course you can't! i don't like spam  new
riv 08-18-08 07:03 PDT 
 try sending me another email  new
riv 08-19-08 09:53 PDT 
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