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Alguien Te Mira (TM 2010 Ver) (2350 posts in 378 threads)
Telemundo (USA) 2010 Remake of 2007 TVN (Chile) novela.
USA (Telemundo) Sept. 8, 2010-Feb. 25, 2011. 9PM. Changed to 10PM.
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Cast/Elenco - as of Nov. 1, 2010

Lista de Recaps (Telemundo) 8 sept. 2010 - 25 feb. 2011 [FIN]
Resúmenes de Ecuador 26 oct. 2010 - 28 mar. 2011 [FIN]
Resúmenes de México 21 feb. 2010 - 24 junio 2011 [FIN]

Sitio Oficial de Telemundo
Ecuavisa (Ecuador)

Series Now
Wikipedia (English)
Wikipedia (Español)

Sitio de TVN (Chile) 2010 rerun
Internet Movie Database - Entry for Chilean Novela
Wikipedia (Esp.) - Página por la novela chilena; con Spoilers
Wikipedia (Eng.) - Entry for the Chilean Novela; with Spoilers

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  Epitafios- highly recommended new LizBlue  04-09-11 20:26 PDT 
  First version currently being shown on Pasiones new Lyndell  03-15-11 19:49 PDT 
  TM NOT SHOWING LRDS.... new Sophie  03-03-11 13:39 PST 
  Alguien Te Mira vs Donde Esta Elisa? new Angelica Rocks  03-12-11 14:14 PST 
  a wonderful foro! new tanner  03-01-11 16:26 PST 
  Missed some episodes and have a question... new Gillie78  02-28-11 10:09 PST 
  I will miss you all, what are you guys watching? new Aeryn  15  03-13-11 12:28 PDT 
  worst death new Angelica Rocks  02-28-11 10:01 PST 
  why they change original version to this. new Angelica Rocks  02-26-11 12:59 PST 
  Emilio...chance for part two new Angelica Rocks  02-26-11 20:38 PST 
  If anyone is interested...AtM new lindabo  02-28-11 09:09 PST 
  Final episode likes and dislikes new Aeryn  24  02-28-11 21:05 PST 
  Overall a great novela for anyone who likes horror, thrillers new LizBlue  11  02-26-11 20:34 PST 
  OMG!! Emilio new Lisa V  10  02-26-11 12:23 PST 
  cant complain (west coast spoiler) new j3r  02-26-11 05:27 PST 
  Piedad's punishment for being so willfully blind new Audrey_  02-25-11 14:32 PST 
  Help, Lucy and Pedro new Fe  02-25-11 11:27 PST 
  If you are into shows in Spanish that concern serial killers new Daniela  02-25-11 09:40 PST 
  I can hardly watch ! new Sophie  02-25-11 08:08 PST 
  big applause to rafael amaya ... new ching  14  02-25-11 17:56 PST 
  Valeria was a nut new cshelton  12  02-25-11 17:33 PST 
  Chicago by way of Miami new cshelton  02-25-11 18:25 PST 
  Valeria Technophobia new cshelton  02-25-11 04:20 PST 
  Keystone Cops new cshelton  02-26-11 13:21 PST 
  No happy ending for Rodrigo new Fe  19  02-25-11 09:48 PST 
  Valerie new catwoman  14  02-24-11 19:44 PST 
  Tatiana's death new Angelica Rocks  02-24-11 19:16 PST 
  Be careful whom you pester in the hall.... new Audrey_  22  02-24-11 15:14 PST 
  omg don't miss tonight episode... nt new ching  02-22-11 22:50 PST 
  So a normal person walks into a telenovela... new Bill C.  02-23-11 21:20 PST 
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