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Mar de Amor (463 posts in 80 threads)
Forum for 2009 Televisa (Mexico)novela. (16 nov. 2009 - 2 julio 2010).
USA (Univision) Sept. 20, 2010 - May 12, 2011. 3PM
USA(Univ.) July 16, 2012. 1AM.
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Avances Breves de Colombia (RCN) 18 enero 2010 - 16 julio 2010 [ult.avance]
Resúmenes de México 16 nov. 2009 - 2 julio 2010 [FIN]
Avances Breves de Peru (América TV) 21 enero 2010 - 27 agosto 2010 [FIN]
Avances de España 7 junio 2010 - 19 nov. 2010 [FIN]

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España (teleNOVELA)
América TV (Peru)

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 This is so enjoyable at 1am.  new
La fiera 07-24-12 14:36 PDT 
 Re: This is so enjoyable at 1am.  new
Mauricio 07-24-12 19:59 PDT 
 Re: This is so enjoyable at 1am.  new
IvanDamian 08-25-12 21:13 PDT 
 Re: This is so enjoyable at 1am.  new
Mauricio 08-25-12 21:54 PDT 
 Mar De Amor is coming back to Univision  new
Mauricio 07-14-12 21:04 PDT 
 Remember to check the LINKS  new
Diane 07-16-12 12:49 PDT 
 Thanks Diane! nt  new
Mauricio 07-16-12 14:04 PDT 
 El Equipo  new
lindak 06-15-11 20:44 PDT 
 Disappointed in the ending  new
lindak 05-12-11 14:04 PDT 
 Re: Disappointed in everything...  new
Alfie 05-12-11 15:55 PDT 
 Re: Disappointed in the ending and this story...  new
jjablan 05-12-11 17:02 PDT 
 jjablan at this point in Sea of Love I was begging for Victor to  new
Soulcatgirl 02-10-11 17:45 PST 
 Re: Small recap...with his pictures....  new
jjablan 02-10-11 19:04 PST 
 Re: Small recap...super great I know exactly where its at..  new
Soulcatgirl 02-11-11 02:45 PST 
 Re: Oh about a bit of trivia....  new
Soulcatgirl 02-11-11 03:03 PST 
 Re: jjablan at this point in Sea of Love I was begging for Victor to  new
mac chino 06-12-11 22:22 PDT 
 Mario and Mambo.....  new
jjablan 02-09-11 21:52 PST 
 Re: Mario and Mambo.....Gracias cute with his baby boy...  new
Soulcatgirl 02-10-11 17:39 PST 
 Re: Mario and Mambo.....  new
jjablan 03-15-11 09:21 PDT 
 What you think about...  new
jjablan 01-16-11 15:38 PST 
 Re: What you think about...  new
lindak 01-16-11 18:48 PST 
 Hi jjablan!  new
Pussy Galore 01-17-11 21:07 PST 
 Re: Hi Pussy!  new
jjablan 01-18-11 05:47 PST 
 Yes, Disappointing.  new
Pussy Galore 01-18-11 18:59 PST 
 Re: cat where are you?  new
jjablan 01-18-11 20:03 PST 
 Spoiler question....About Coral and VM????  new
jjablan 01-07-11 15:47 PST 
 Re: Spoiler answer....About Coral and VM????  new
Soulcatgirl 01-08-11 20:45 PST 
 Re: Spoiler answer....About Coral and VM????  new
jjablan 01-09-11 07:21 PST 
 Re: Spoiler answer....About Coral and VM????  new
Soulcatgirl 01-10-11 02:35 PST 
 Re: jjablan here's an interview you might like..:)  new
Soulcatgirl 01-10-11 02:49 PST 
 Re: That is very nice interview..  new
jjablan 01-10-11 13:08 PST 
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