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La Casa de al Lado (4330 posts in 852 threads)
Producción de Telemundo 2011.
Remake of Chile's (TVN) La Familia de al Lado.
USA (Telemundo) May 31, 2011 - Jan. 23, 2012.
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Cast/Elenco - as of 10/30/2011
Lista de Recaps en TM 31 mayo 2011 - 23 enero 2012[FIN]
Recap of Novela, Final Episode & Body Count - by Enoch & Mauricio - Updated 6 Feb. 2012

Resúmenes de Mexico 27 junio 2011 - 3 feb. 2012 [FIN]
Resúmenes de Ecuador 1 agosto 2011 - 12 mar. 2012 [FIN]
Avance Semanal de España 7 nov. 2011 - 4 mayo 2012 [FIN]

Telemundo - Sitio Oficial
Foro de Telemundo
Sitio de Televisa/esmas
Ecuavisa (Ecuador)
La Revista teleNOVELA (España)

Caray, Caray! Brief Weekly Recap [N.B.: blog prohibits reposting]


Internet Movie Database
Wikipedia (English)

TW Forum for La Familia de al Lado (with links)

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 A Screwball Plot  new
Enoch 06-18-13 22:03 PDT 
 if you liked LA CASA DE AL ALDO...  new
icy 02-18-12 01:00 PST 
 Re: if you liked LA CASA DE AL ALDO...  new
estoyaqui54 02-18-12 10:18 PST 
 Re: if you liked LA CASA DE AL ALDO...  new
icy 02-19-12 01:14 PST 
 tnx icy  new
Enoch 02-18-12 16:33 PST 
 u'r welcome Enoch...  new
icy 02-19-12 01:11 PST 
 Well, it's déjà vu all over again!  new
Enoch 02-19-12 18:09 PST 
 how a telenovela shud start  new
icy 02-20-12 00:43 PST 
 Take it Ezel  new
Enoch 02-20-12 11:52 PST 
 Re: Take it Ezel  new
icy 02-22-12 08:17 PST  new 10-24-14 14:03 PDT 
 LOL icy...  new
Mauricio 02-21-12 13:19 PST 
 I wondered the same thing  new
Enoch 02-21-12 14:00 PST 
 Re: LOL icy...  new
icy 02-22-12 08:30 PST 
 Reserva de Familia (poster)  new
icy 02-22-12 08:42 PST 
 Re: if you liked LA CASA DE AL ALDO...  new
Evelyn 02-22-12 16:48 PST 
 Is Anyone Going To Watch Corazon Valiente?  new
Mauricio 02-14-12 17:48 PST 
 Re: Is Anyone Going To Watch Corazon Valiente?  new
Marylou 02-15-12 07:05 PST 
 Muchas Recobecas  new
Enoch 02-15-12 22:13 PST 
 Re: Muchas Recobecas  new
Marylou 02-17-12 08:18 PST 
 Telenovelas; Corazon Valiente = Brave Heart  new
Enoch 02-17-12 11:15 PST 
icy 02-15-12 23:19 PST 
 Re: Is Anyone Going To Watch Corazon Valiente?  new
Evelyn 02-22-12 16:58 PST 
 We don't hear from you enough, Evelyn  new
Enoch 02-22-12 20:17 PST 
 If anyone is interested....LCDAL  new
lindabo 02-07-12 10:27 PST 
 What format is it recorded in on hard drive?  new
Enoch 02-07-12 12:47 PST 
 Ultimate Complete (Far-Fetched) Plot of LCDAL w/ Characters & Subplots  new
Enoch 02-06-12 16:44 PST 
Enoch 02-06-12 16:47 PST 
 "Complete" is of course an exaggeration for this show nt  new
Enoch 02-06-12 17:17 PST 
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