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La Vida Sigue/A Vida da Gente (787 posts in 140 threads)
Novela de Licia Manzo (Rede Globo, Brasil) 26 set. 2011 - 2 Mar. 2012.
Ecuador (Ecuavisa) Estreno 2 abril - 11 junio 2013.
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 Topics Author  Date
 Approved Ending!!!!!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 16:34 PST 
 The letter...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 16:38 PST 
 I have the letter transcribed  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 16:47 PST 
 Translated letter  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 16:58 PST 
 Thank you so very much..this was a beautiful...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:06 PST 
 My pleasure!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:23 PST 
 I loved the river analogies  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:50 PST 
 Re: I loved the river analogies  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:55 PST 
 It definitely is! nt  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:12 PST 
 I also liked it  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:13 PST 
 You beat me to it gaviota!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:39 PST 
 Ooops!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:44 PST 
 Then the thank you goes to both of you...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:46 PST 
 LOL, no problem!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:47 PST 
 thank you soo much  new
dd 03-03-12 20:21 PST 
 I thought  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:21 PST 
 And we saw Baby E!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:30 PST 
 Re: And we saw Baby E!  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:44 PST 
 Yes!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:51 PST 
 I noticed the daddy cup, LOLOL  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:55 PST 
 Re: I thought  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:43 PST 
 That scene  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:48 PST 
 And most of all juju has her family tree...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:53 PST 
 I was at odds  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:24 PST 
 Iná's speech  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:11 PST 
 Re: Iná's speech  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 18:18 PST 
 wonderful, sweet, a few questions  new
dd 03-03-12 20:33 PST 
 Some answers  new
j.r. 03-03-12 23:36 PST 
 o - m - g  new
dd 03-04-12 13:19 PST 
 Didn't you watch  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 18:00 PST 
 no, missed first couple months  new
dd 03-06-12 13:12 PST 
 Oh!  new
gaviotabr 03-06-12 13:33 PST 
 Reaction in Brazil and other answers  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 05:32 PST 
 thank you  new
dd 03-04-12 13:32 PST 
 Cordel was different  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 17:36 PST 
 I saw the 2008 version of Malhação and it was good n/t  new
j.r. 03-04-12 22:17 PST 
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