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Mirada de Mujer (2063 posts in 453 threads)
TV Azteca Production (1997-1998). Azteca America Rerun Start Date Dec. 18, 2006-June 1, 2007. 4PM.
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 Moxidectin manufacturer  new
fmyykjq 01-03-16 18:33 PST 
 dvd- fyi  new
REDPEARL32 07-27-08 22:27 PDT 
 Re: dvd- fyi  new
redpurple 08-02-08 12:29 PDT 
 i have the complete version  new
jihane 10-05-09 08:21 PDT 
 question  new
redpurple 06-29-08 23:57 PDT 
 Re: question  new
REDPEARL32 07-14-08 22:36 PDT 
 Re: question  new
jihane 10-05-09 08:23 PDT 
 test  new
dona 06-08-08 19:38 PDT 
 victoria  new
dianaem 01-17-08 12:17 PST 
 Re: victoria  new
REDPEARL32 02-07-08 12:02 PST 
 Re: victoria  new
dianeem 02-09-08 22:11 PST 
 Re: victoria  new
Cassandra 02-13-08 22:09 PST 
 Re: victoria  new
thessaly 02-15-08 10:35 PST 
 Re: victoria  new
jihane 10-05-09 08:30 PDT 
 New version of Señora Isabel  new
Alexa 08-29-07 10:39 PDT 
 Who here has given in and watched some of el Regreso?  new
Robin on the road 06-06-07 12:15 PDT 
 it gets worse  new
dd 06-06-07 17:40 PDT 
 I don't think I could stand more bitter Andrea...  new
Robin on the road 06-07-07 06:32 PDT 
 Thurs. 6/7/07 episode is a keeper  new
dd 06-07-07 22:07 PDT 
 Oh well, we had a power failure so no keeper for me!  new
Robin on the road 06-08-07 07:24 PDT 
 that's awful! nt  new
dd 06-08-07 14:49 PDT 
 Re: Who here has given in and watched some of el Regreso?  new
engel 06-30-07 05:23 PDT 
 resumenes - el regreso  new
Isabella 03-01-08 15:23 PST 
 Re: resumenes - el regreso  new
engel 03-03-08 18:40 PST 
 Atencion es IMPORTANTE, capitulo editado  new
mariaamparo 06-04-07 22:37 PDT 
 Que lastima!  new
Robin on the road 06-05-07 07:06 PDT 
 gracias!!!!!!!  new
dd 06-05-07 13:12 PDT 
 Re: Atencion es IMPORTANTE, capitulo editado  new
paulo cesar 05-19-09 19:09 PDT 
 Re: Atencion es IMPORTANTE, capitulo editado  new
makeluv 06-06-09 14:25 PDT 
 Re: Atencion es IMPORTANTE, capitulo editado  new
ALILAT 06-18-09 15:18 PDT 
 a great novela is like a great novel  new
dd 06-04-07 18:23 PDT 
 And as we read/see the novela in different ages...  new
Robin on the road 06-05-07 07:09 PDT 
 thoughts on the last episode - then & now  new
dd 06-03-07 15:38 PDT 
 Only one thing bothered me  new
g 06-04-07 12:27 PDT 
 the martyr thing  new
dd 06-04-07 18:21 PDT 
 I noticed too the gap between the last episodes  new
Robin on the road 06-04-07 13:34 PDT 
 Thoughts everybody? Favorite moments?  new
Robin on the road 06-02-07 14:30 PDT 
 Did the writers create in Alejandro the 'perfect man'?  new
Robin on the road 06-02-07 14:22 PDT 
 hmmmm  new
dd 06-03-07 15:46 PDT 
 Yes, he is needy  new
Robin on the road 06-04-07 07:22 PDT 
 Okay, so I couldn't wait all week: Let's talk about Paulina  new
Robin on the road 06-01-07 12:57 PDT 
 Excuse me - but was today's episode The End??.. if it  new
lupita-- 06-01-07 21:32 PDT 
 Yes, Friday's ending was the ending  new
Robin on the road 06-02-07 14:16 PDT 
 agree completely  new
dd 06-03-07 15:44 PDT 
 Ah yes, the lie...  new
Robin on the road 06-04-07 07:25 PDT 
 the tombstone  new
dd 06-04-07 18:24 PDT 
 So is Monica still pregnant?  new
MJ 05-30-07 06:35 PDT 
 Monica isn't but Barbara was  new
Robin on the road 05-30-07 10:41 PDT 
 Re: Monica isn't but Barbara was  new
lupita-- 05-31-07 05:40 PDT 
 ..and today on "El regreso", they specifically..  new
MJ 06-04-07 14:00 PDT 
 Yes, Regreso starts with a big lie  new
dd 06-04-07 18:30 PDT 
 THANK YOU! I thought I was crazy for a minute there  new
Robin on the road 06-07-07 09:53 PDT 
 Re: THANK YOU! I thought I was crazy for a minute there  new
are 01-25-08 20:10 PST 
 Re: THANK YOU! I thought I was crazy for a minute there  new
thessaly 02-15-08 10:37 PST 
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