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Una Maid en Manhattan (602 posts in 174 threads)
La telenovela por Telemundo Studios, basado en el film del mismo nombre.
USA (Telemundo)29 nov. 2011 - 23 julio 2012.
USA (Telemundo) rerun start 27 enero 2015. 10:30AM.
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Cast/Elenco - a partir de 20 nov. 2011
Noticias - a partir de 13 julio 2012
Lista de Video Recaps (Telemundo) 29 nov. 2011 - 23 julio 2012 [FIN]
Resúmenes Diarios de México 6 feb. 2012 - 17 sept. 2012 [FIN]
Resúmenes Diarios de Ecuador 13 mar. 2012 - 29 oct. 2012 (FIN)
Avances Breves de Colombia 20 agosto 2013 - 4 abril 2014 (FIN)
Resúmenes Semanales de España 13 enero 2014 - 11 junio 2014 (FIN)

Sitio Oficial de Telemundo
Foro de Telemundo
Caracol TV (Colombia)
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Caray, Caray! Brief Weekly Recap [N.B.: blog prohibits reposting]

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 The Finale - second highest rating at 8pm  
AnaV 07-25-12 12:23 PDT 
 Summary of ending, anybody?  
Diane 07-24-12 12:57 PDT 
 Re: Summary of ending, anybody?  
Sphinx28 07-24-12 16:01 PDT 
 Yaya - question  
dd 07-17-12 14:27 PDT 
 Re: Yaya - question  
Sq88 07-17-12 19:37 PDT 
 thank you  
dd 07-18-12 11:42 PDT 
 Mexican Power...  
Mauricio 07-12-12 18:54 PDT 
 Was this ever done before?  
dianeT 07-12-12 16:37 PDT 
 Re: Was this ever done before?  
Mauricio 07-12-12 19:02 PDT 
 yes, often  
dd 07-12-12 19:38 PDT 
 Really wouldn't mind if Cris didn't end up with Mari...  
Jeanne M. 07-06-12 19:27 PDT 
 What was Marisa on trial for?  
Kendra 07-06-12 17:41 PDT 
 Re: What was Marisa on trial for?  
Sq88 07-06-12 21:08 PDT 
dianeT 07-03-12 07:43 PDT 
 Re: Sara  
Elle Ellington 07-06-12 09:09 PDT 
 Re: Sara  
dianeT 07-06-12 16:48 PDT 
 Victor's final 'wake up call'?? Quevedo deserves an award..  
Jeanne M. 07-02-12 19:00 PDT 
 Re: Victor's final 'wake up call'?? Quevedo deserves an award..  
Elle Ellington 07-06-12 09:11 PDT 
 Re: Victor's final 'wake up call'?? Quevedo deserves an award..A daytime Emmy or  
Jeanne M. 07-06-12 19:22 PDT 
 Cris is elected  
Elle Ellington 06-28-12 11:36 PDT 
 Re: Cris is elected..He fits the bill just as you said..  
Jeanne M. 07-02-12 18:57 PDT 
Dandoon 06-24-12 00:27 PDT 
Sq88 06-26-12 19:44 PDT 
 Oh No!  
dianeT 06-26-12 20:07 PDT 
aida qubti 09-06-12 03:12 PDT 
 Plot to Kill Sara...  
Sq88 06-20-12 18:32 PDT 
 Re: Plot to Kill Sara...  
JAV 06-21-12 05:21 PDT 
 Re: Plot to Kill Sara...  
Sq88 06-22-12 03:53 PDT 
 Re: Plot to Kill Sara...  
Thuglife 05-29-15 14:31 PDT 
 This should have ended a long time ago  
dianeT 06-14-12 08:21 PDT 
 Re: This should have ended a long time ago  
Sq88 06-14-12 20:41 PDT 
 Re: This should have ended a long time ago  
JAV 06-21-12 05:23 PDT 
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