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Bésame Tonto (2789 posts in 679 threads)
Iguana & Venevision, 2003. USA (Univision) broadcast 2004
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Summaries/Resúmenes June 8 - July 2, 2004, July 5 - Sept. 3, 2004, Sept. 6-27, 2004 [GRAN FINAL],

The Perils of the Perambulating Picasso - Updated 9/18/04

Sitio de Univision con datos
Foro de Univision
Resúmenes Diarios de Foristas de Univision

Otro foro de Besame Tonto

Telenovelas Peru (lots of photos)
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 I havent done a daytimer since....  new
Paul 05-30-04 22:04 PDT 
 Hey, Paul!!!!!  new
Liza~ 05-30-04 22:27 PDT 
 Re: Hey, Paul!!!!!  new
Paul 05-31-04 11:19 PDT 
 Glad you're on board, Paul! NT  new
Martita 05-31-04 19:19 PDT 
 I am new here, can I join ?....  new
Alicia E. 05-30-04 20:27 PDT 
 Re: I am new here, can I join ?....  new
DAA 05-30-04 20:37 PDT 
 Oh, DAA....  new
Liza~ 05-30-04 22:34 PDT 
 But of course, Alicia !!!!!!!!!!  new
Liza~ 05-30-04 22:30 PDT 
 Certainly, Alicia. We would be honored and HAPPY to have you!!! Welcome! nt  new
Martita 05-31-04 19:21 PDT 
 Re: Wait a minute ! i forsee a time change if this continues :)  new
Paul 05-31-04 11:23 PDT 
 Re: Wait a minute ! i forsee a time change if this continues :)  new
Christopher 05-31-04 18:19 PDT 
 Re: Wait a minute ! i forsee a time change if this continues :)  new
DAA 05-31-04 19:24 PDT 
 Yes, but remember how we all thought  new
Liza~ 06-01-04 11:52 PDT 
 ... and then it won all the premios at Univision's "emmy" time! n  new
doris. (mobile) 06-01-04 14:46 PDT 
 Thank you, all, .....nt  new
Alicia E. 05-31-04 21:55 PDT 
 Theres a chance....  new
Christopher 05-30-04 19:46 PDT 
 o_O  new
Luis M. 05-30-04 20:17 PDT 
 Yeah Christo!!!!!  new
DAA 05-30-04 20:38 PDT 
 Re: Yeah Christo!!!!!  new
Christopher 05-30-04 20:52 PDT 
 Oh, so u watched  new
Liza~ 05-30-04 22:36 PDT 
 Re: Oh, so u watched  new
Christopher 05-31-04 18:58 PDT 
 Christopher---I hope you'll be with us. I always enjoy your comments! :>) nt  new
Martita 05-31-04 19:24 PDT 
 Ayyy, Christopher, there may not be...  new
doris. (mobile) 06-01-04 14:48 PDT 
 Question from the new and inexperienced  new
DAA 05-30-04 19:18 PDT 
 Bésame Tonto was actually filmed..  new
Luis M. 05-30-04 20:16 PDT 
 Thanks Luis!  new
DAA 05-30-04 20:38 PDT 
Martita 05-30-04 13:44 PDT 
Stella 05-30-04 19:17 PDT 
 Martita! As always...  new
Liza~ 05-30-04 22:38 PDT 
 Gracias, Stella y Liza! Saludos cariñosos! Martita nt  new
Martita 05-31-04 19:10 PDT 
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