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Laberintos de Pasión (3533 posts in 658 threads)
Mexico (Televisa) 2000. USA (Univision) 2000. USA (Telefutura) Repeat Oct. 28, 2004 - Feb. 21, 2005 at 4PM
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 What's up with the guns?  new
Luis M. 08-14-00 13:46 PDT 
 Well, machetes would be a whole lot scarier! nt  new
Lupita 08-14-00 17:55 PDT 
 LOL! n/t  new
AnaLía 08-15-00 00:13 PDT 
 RE: I think I gota go buy me a .....  new
Patty 08-15-00 14:15 PDT 
 just make them some tamales with habanero peppers  new
ConnieC 08-19-00 23:48 PDT 
 RE:Glad to have your humor here girl!!!!/nt  new
Patty 08-20-00 15:44 PDT 
 FG on La Dueña  new
amiga 08-14-00 10:56 PDT 
 Is this novela good?  new
susana 08-12-00 14:20 PDT 
 RE: Is this novela good?  new
Luis M. 08-12-00 20:19 PDT 
 RE: Is this novela good?  new
bedamx 08-13-00 07:41 PDT 
 Amazing what you can get from a promo....  new
Lupita 08-11-00 10:40 PDT 
 Leticia rules!  new
Nina 08-11-00 06:46 PDT 
 I have missed Leticia dearly!  new
Jessica G. 08-12-00 19:36 PDT 
 Comments on the promos....  new
Lupita 08-10-00 12:46 PDT 
 RE: Comments on the promos....  new
Patty 08-10-00 16:37 PDT 
 This IS a type of Canaveral de Pasiones novela.  new
Gina 08-10-00 19:25 PDT 
 RE: This IS a type of Canaveral de Pasiones novela  new
Joy 08-11-00 01:31 PDT 
 Hi, Joy......  new
Lupita 08-11-00 10:46 PDT 
 RE: Hi, Lupita......  new
Joy 08-12-00 01:07 PDT 
 RE: Sergio Sendel, my fav "villano"  new
AnaLía 08-16-00 00:31 PDT 
 I know since I saw the promos I thought It was Cp.  new
Jose G. 08-13-00 03:57 PDT 
 I thought those were the same kids!  new
Jessica G. 08-12-00 19:41 PDT 
 Role call: Amador, Dinora, Juan de Dios, Prudencia  new
Martita 08-14-00 23:52 PDT 
 RE: Role call: Amador, Dinora, Juan de Dios, Prude  new
Joy 08-15-00 00:23 PDT 
 Me too, Joy!! Hope we're not disappointed! NT  new
Martita 08-15-00 23:38 PDT 
 What "LDP"is all about and summaries  new
torres_zgb 08-09-00 14:10 PDT 
 RE: What "LDP"is all about and summaries  new
michi 08-11-00 08:04 PDT 
 Para Michi  new
torres_zgb 08-11-00 13:34 PDT 
 Welcome to the foro!  new
Yolette (webjefa) 08-03-00 12:39 PDT 
 RE: Welcome to the foro!  new
Joy 08-09-00 01:49 PDT 
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