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 I donated and planning to donate again..
Author: Misterio 
Date:   04-17-09 10:02 PDT

I am happy and proud to donate to this great board.

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 Decision time  new
Ben 04-01-09 07:55 PDT 
 Re: Decision time  new
Janet 04-01-09 10:26 PDT 
maritere2 04-01-09 10:39 PDT 
 hear, here! well said, Profe!  new
B. 04-01-09 12:05 PDT 
 How do you visualize sponsorship working?  new
Ben 04-02-09 01:41 PDT 
 'Adopt a Foro" sponsorship  new
maritere2 04-02-09 06:09 PDT 
 Re: 'Adopt a Foro" sponsorship  new
Ben 04-02-09 09:08 PDT 
 Re: 'Adopt a Foro" sponsorship  new
vera 04-02-09 15:50 PDT 
 Mailing a donation...  new
Ben 04-04-09 08:27 PDT 
 thank you, B.  new
doris. 04-05-09 14:10 PDT 
 no problem, doris...  new
B. 04-05-09 16:33 PDT 
 Upon further review...  new
Ben 04-03-09 22:28 PDT 
 Why Kill a Goose?  new
Enoch 04-02-09 16:19 PDT 
 Sometimes it is more or a pigeon  new
Ben 04-03-09 22:10 PDT 
 Re: How do you visualize sponsorship working?  new
julie56 04-04-09 14:19 PDT 
 My problem  new
Scott 04-01-09 16:16 PDT 
 Re: My problem  new
Ben 04-01-09 22:45 PDT 
 Re: My problem  new
Scott 04-03-09 14:07 PDT 
 Re: My problem  new
B. 04-03-09 15:35 PDT 
 Re: My problem PayPal  new
Enoch 04-03-09 21:39 PDT 
 Re: Benefits of credit cards  new
Ben 04-03-09 21:47 PDT 
 Re: Decision time...BEN  new
julie56 04-02-09 06:28 PDT 
 Re: Decisions  new
Ben 04-02-09 09:02 PDT 
 Re: Decisions  new
julie56 04-03-09 09:50 PDT 
 Re: Decision time  new
riv 04-02-09 09:58 PDT 
 Re: Decision time..How much of a donation would have to be made &...  new
Jeanne M. 04-02-09 16:41 PDT 
 Re: Decision time..How much of a donation would have to be made &...  new
riv 04-02-09 19:07 PDT 
 Re: Decision time  new
Jeri 04-02-09 18:17 PDT 
 And the decision is  new
Ben 04-03-09 08:17 PDT 
 Don't think of it as getting aggressive  new
g 04-03-09 09:42 PDT 
 Re: And the decision is  new
riv 04-03-09 09:43 PDT 
 Hey guys, sorry I had not seen any of this stuff until now  new
marta i 04-03-09 11:32 PDT 
 Re: Hey guys, sorry I had not seen any of this stuff until now  new
ex-zygote Cristina 04-03-09 11:58 PDT 
 Thanks, Cristina  new
Ben 04-03-09 22:39 PDT 
 Re: Decision time  new
lindak 04-03-09 19:19 PDT 
 Hi Ben - the "blue bar" that just showed up...  new
Janet 04-04-09 17:45 PDT 
 Re: Hi Ben - the "blue bar" that just showed up...  new
julie56 04-04-09 18:53 PDT 
 Re: Hi Ben - the "blue bar" that just showed up...  new
B. 04-04-09 19:02 PDT 
 Re: Hi Ben - the "blue bar" that just showed up...  new
Gina~ 04-04-09 22:49 PDT 
 Confession...  new
Ben 04-04-09 22:50 PDT 
 so, now that the blue bar is full  new
riv 04-05-09 18:33 PDT 
 my current problem with PayPal  new
doris. 04-04-09 21:26 PDT 
 see Ben's 'Mailing a donation' post above in this thread...  new
B. 04-04-09 22:20 PDT 
 I did have a little trouble getting the donation through in paypal  new
marta i 04-05-09 19:10 PDT 
 Did you go through T-W's donation page?  new
Ben 04-05-09 20:25 PDT 
 I clicked on the donation link, picked the amount and when I put in my paypal  new
marta i 04-06-09 08:44 PDT 
 Adverts  new
Enoch 04-05-09 09:37 PDT 
 I dont mind the ads either, that's how i usually get to  new
marta i 04-06-09 08:45 PDT 
 I donated and planning to donate again..  new
Misterio 04-17-09 10:02 PDT 
 Re: Decision time  new
Evelyn 01-01-12 17:42 PST 
 Yes, thanks.  new
Ben 01-01-12 22:31 PST 
 ATT: Ben and Diane - About Donation  new
Marylou 12-24-12 06:27 PST 
 Re: ATT: Ben and Diane - About Donation  new
Ben 01-01-13 13:18 PST 
 Re: ATT: Ben and Diane - About Donation  new
doris. 01-30-13 12:15 PST 

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