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La Que No Podia Amar (269 posts in 60 threads)
Novela de Televisa (México) Estreno 1 agosto 2011.
La historia de una joven enfermera en un triángulo amoroso de terribles consecuencias.
USA (Univision) Start Date Jan. 2, 2012.
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 Re: Why is everyone so afraid of Rogelio?
Author: Jeri (---)
Date:   03-18-12 10:29 PDT

Oh, yeah, he beat the stuffing out of Bruno early on. His back was a landscape of bloody scars. It probably still is. It's the main reason Ana Paula made him the bargain to put the whip away, IIRC.

Rogelio gets away with it, not because his intended victims can't get out of the way of the whip -- but because they can't get out of the way of his owning practically everything in his part of Chiapas.

If they don't let him do what he wants, they'll be out of a job. And apparently, there aren't many jobs around there but his.
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 Why is everyone so afraid of Rogelio?  new
kunta 03-16-12 14:46 PDT 
 Re: Why is everyone so afraid of Rogelio?  new
ManoloCardonaFan 03-17-12 08:01 PDT 
 Thank you! Nt.  new
kunta 03-17-12 10:01 PDT 
 Re: Why is everyone so afraid of Rogelio?  new
Jeri 03-18-12 10:29 PDT 
 Re: Why is everyone so afraid of Rogelio?  new
ManoloCardonaFan 03-18-12 11:15 PDT 

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