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Corazón Valiente (1246 posts in 284 threads)
Novela de Telemundo 2012 basado en libreto original de la escritora argentina Marcela Citterio narra la historia de dos mujeres de diferentes clases sociales que se conocieron desde niñas.
USA (Telemundo) Start Date Mar. 6, 2012.
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 Samantha embarazada!!!!
Author: Tamara2 (---)
Date:   03-10-12 22:29 PST

I don't know why but my gut is telling me that Samantha had a baby by Willie when they were younger. I say this because when Willie was talking about if he died no one would miss him and that he didn't even have kids that would miss him, Sam got a funny look on her face. Maybe it was just my imagination. In addition, Sam was sent to an internado right after her birthday party which in novela land usually signals evasion of an escandalo or pregnancy. Furthermore, Sam hates her parents and said to Angela that they were not good parents. What could they have possibly done to make her hate them so much except possibly make her give her baby up. I mean besides her father being a coward, her mother loved her very much and even followed Miguel to get her back when she was kidnaped. Something major had to have happened to make her break so completely away from her family and in novelas having a child taken from its mother is always traumatic. Just food for thought for the other conspiracy theorist out there such as myself.
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 Samantha embarazada!!!!  new
Tamara2 03-10-12 22:29 PST 
 Re: Samantha embarazada!!!!  new
tls 03-12-12 09:19 PDT 

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