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Santa Diabla (1597 posts in 333 threads)
2013 Telemundo novela starring Gaby Espino, Aarón Díaz, Carlos Ponce. Premieres 6 Aug. 2013.
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Author: Diane (---)
Date:   07-31-13 14:29 PDT

Telemundo finally has a functioning web site for Santa Diabla, the novela that will replace El Señor de los Cielos on August 6, 2013.

(based on the Spanish Wikipedia article as of July 31, 2013)

Santa Martinez is a beautiful woman of humble origens (of course) who still lives in the town of her birth. She is married to Willy Delgado, her childhood love, and together they have a wondeful son, Willy, Jr.

Unfortunately, her life is about to change. Willy is hired to tutor Daniela Cano, granddaughter of Gaspar Cano (one of the richest and most powerful lawyers in town) in music. It's a wonderful opportunity for Willy: the income will allow him to give his family a better life. Then he meets Daniela's mother, Bárbara Cano, a woman who makes a career of seducing men in order to prove that she is still beautiful. And she plans to make Willy her next conquest. To add to Willy's problems, he discovers that Daniela is addicted to drugs. Daniela, furious at being found out, joins forces with her rebuffed mother and the two frame Willy: they accuse him of molesting Daniela. Willy swears to Santa that he is innocent, explains all that happened. She believes him and wants the two to confront the threat together, confident that the truth will prevail. But Willy doubts that they can win. Bárbara and Daniela have built far too strong a case against him. He convinces Santa to take their son and leave town. He is sentenced to 30 years in prison. (Well, that's a change: the man, not the woman.)

Santa returns to town and visits her husband regularly in jail, trying to keep his hopes up. Then she learns there is a chance to prove to the judge that Willy is innocent. Willy's prosecutor, Humberto (Bárbara's brother and Daniela's uncle), fearful that the truth will come out, decides to have Willy killed. When Santa and her son next go to visit Willy, they learn that he has been killed during a fight. Santa doesn't believe the story she has been told and swears to find out the truth and destroy every member of the family Cano as it has destroyed her family.

She converts herself into Amanda, "Santa diabla". Her plan? Make Humerto fall in love with her so that she can frame him for a crime he did not commit. She wants him to suffer the same kind of prosecution her Willy faced. She will humiliate and destroy Bárbara by stealing away her husband and separating her from her son. For Bárbara's husband Georges? She wants him to end up in jail. Daniela must confess the truth. And Francisca, mother of the brothers Cano, should lose everything and spend her old age in abject poverty.

Amanda's plans face an unexpected challenge: the appearance of Santiago, the third Cano brother, a charming, seductive musician. It is, what else?, love at first sight. Amanda must choose between the man she loves and the destruction of his family.

On the upper right-hand side of the page you will find links to the Telemundo web site as well as others with information about the novela. I will update them with information about the cast and characters before the novela begins and, eventually, add Telemundo's very, very, very, very brief recaps

If you have any additional information, please post it. We update the LINKS periodically.

As always, you may post messages in any language, but we recommend English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Como siempre, puede fijar mensajes en alguna idioma, pero recomendamos el inglés, el español, o el português.

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Diane 07-31-13 14:29 PDT 

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