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Author: Olga (---)
Date:   12-11-03 19:27 PST

I did not like the ending.. Who won the race? How did Clemente end up walking? How much later was the picture taking scenario? Too many questions left unanswered. Kept waiting for the announcement "Tomorrow, The Gran Final."

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 Topics Author  Date
Olga 12-11-03 19:27 PST 
 Re: GRAN FINAL..BOO!  new
Chekita hernandez 12-11-03 19:32 PST 
 This was the first time I fell asleep during a Finale.  new
Kathy 12-11-03 22:05 PST 
 Re: This was the first time I fell asleep during a Finale.  new
La Loca 12-12-03 04:58 PST 
 It was the finale? Ooops!...  new
Robin N 12-12-03 06:18 PST 
 OT: Robin - what happened at the very beginning of ER?  new
Janet 12-12-03 10:39 PST 
 The beginning scenes of ER were repeated...  new
Robin N (pc) 12-12-03 12:32 PST 
 Thanks, Robin! (nt)  new
Janet 12-12-03 12:39 PST 
 Boo!!! whatever happened to the Melchior subplot?  new
v 12-12-03 06:36 PST 
 About the cops...  new
Janet 12-12-03 10:48 PST 
 Re: Good question regarding Melchor..  new
Fernand0 12-13-03 07:17 PST 
 Re: Thank you Fernando..your posts are so well written...  new
Olga 12-13-03 07:54 PST 
 Re: Thank you Olga. I haven't really gone out on a...  new
Fernand0 12-13-03 16:12 PST 
 Thanks for your explanation  new
Lois 12-13-03 11:48 PST 
 Re: I don't really have a good explanation for Karina's ...  new
Fernand0 12-13-03 16:07 PST 
 Re: Good question regarding Melchor..  new
v 12-15-03 08:04 PST 
 Re: I don't think Clemete suffered enough either..  new
Fernand0 12-15-03 11:36 PST 
 Re:Me three - I don't think Clemete suffered enough either..  new
Janet 12-15-03 12:51 PST 
 Re:Me three - I don't think Clemete suffered enough either..  new
Fernand0 12-15-03 15:48 PST 
 Re: I really liked the ending...  new
Fernand0 12-12-03 06:54 PST 
 I liked it too. After EEAYEO's scenes under the statue, this was a little more  new
Margarita 12-12-03 10:46 PST 
 About Julia and Clem's status...  new
Janet 12-12-03 10:54 PST 
 The boy was Clementito.  new
Margie 12-13-03 05:59 PST 
 Re: The boy was Clementito.  new
Marietta 12-13-03 06:50 PST 
 quadruplets for Victor and Isabela?  new
Marietta 12-12-03 06:57 PST 
 Happy holidays to all. Absolutely Marietta!! have a wonderful holiday and new  new
marta i 12-12-03 09:49 PST 
 Re: ITA Happy Holidays..  new
Olga 12-12-03 09:50 PST 
 The race was supposedly a tie down to the noses... lol!  new
marta i 12-12-03 09:43 PST 
 Re: GRAN FINAL..BOO!  new
Ardilla 12-12-03 12:50 PST 
 Re: GRAN FINAL..BOO!  new
Yanet 12-14-03 13:37 PST 
 Re: GRAN FINAL..BOO!  new
riccardo 12-17-03 05:11 PST 
 ITA  new
Lois 12-12-03 16:21 PST 
 Re: GRAN FINAL..BOO!  new
TERESA ESCOBAR 01-20-11 17:17 PST 

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