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 Latino vs Itialian (was My two cents)
Author: HB (---)
Date:   09-04-08 20:14 PDT

Regarding the term latino to identify someone: First off latino means that all romance languages derive from latin (spanish, italian, portugues, french and romanian ...yes, romanian) so all peoples speaking these languages share a common heritage and are unified by word and by blood. We are used to hear in America that only people of spanish descent are considered latinos, but we have to look back at the ancient history of Italy -where latin was first spoken- to find out the truth about what it means to be latino.

Secondly anybody born in Latin America whether their parents came from Russia or Mars identify themselves as latinos, because just as Junior said in the post above, it is a culture.

I myself am a dark skinned child of italian parents and consider myself 100% latin for two reasons: I was born in South America and speak a romance language. I've been many times confused with ether indian or hindu, however when I am with my blond blue-eyed brother, I am white. But anybody who reads italian history will find out that Italy was invaded and occupied for more than 600 years by arabs, berbers, cretans and persians . Nonetheless, everybody likes to thind that all italians (or europeans) are lily white and all latinos are dark skinned when in reality we are all mixed, no matter if we are europeans, latin-americans, americans, etc and that's the reason why no one is able to call him/herself pure because we are all mixed.

In closing, ITA with Junior we are latins because we were nursed with a lulllaby in a romance language, we speak it, we breath it, it doesn't matter if we are black, white, light or dark-skinned; blue, green, black, brown or grey-eyed, tall or short WE are a beautiful mestizo people.
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 Latino vs Itialian (was My two cents)  new
HB 09-04-08 20:14 PDT 
 Re: My two cents - thanks HB!  new
maritere 09-04-08 20:56 PDT 
 Very true!  new
jay+ 09-05-08 06:50 PDT 
 Re:Thanks to everyone who posted  new
julie56 09-05-08 11:34 PDT 
 Two cents from another Italian  new
Gina's mom 09-06-08 00:10 PDT 
 Re: Two cents from another Italian  new
ex-zygote Cristina 09-06-08 09:09 PDT 
 More for Italians: Books: "Gringa Latina" and "Anarquistas gracas a Deus"  new
maritere 09-06-08 12:15 PDT 
 Re: Two cents from another Italian  new
HB 09-06-08 09:49 PDT 
 Slightly OT: For the Latino lovers  new
ex-zygote Cristina 09-06-08 12:53 PDT 
 Re: Two cents from another Italian  new
Gina's mom 09-06-08 13:01 PDT 
 I'm the VIKING blood speaks out!  new
Christopher 09-06-08 13:09 PDT 
 Gina's two cents  new
Gina~ 09-06-08 13:58 PDT 
 Ok, I will request that Diane bring this thread over to LIBRO!  new
maritere 09-06-08 13:38 PDT 
 is Libro archives or what? nt  new
Liz*Blue 09-12-08 16:37 PDT 
 I HATE to be the one to say this  new
ex-zygote Cristina 09-25-08 22:57 PDT 
 Re: I HATE to be the one to say this  new
Jessica L. 04-07-11 23:47 PDT 
 Re: I HATE to be the one to say this  new
cee 06-23-11 12:40 PDT 

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