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 Telemundo's ExitoS TV
Author: Enoch (---)
Date:   02-13-12 22:43 PST

Where I live channel 39.1 is Telemundo standard fare & 39.2 has been Inmigrante, with ads like: "Don't submit to the govt trying to deport you, call Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe BeatTheGov Law Firm -- BMW (bring money with).

I was surprised to see on 39.2 Amarte Asi going and after that another telenovela with the Cuerpo himself cuerpando as usual, but not in ECDD, but something else -- don't recall which one. At any rate, I don't know if its just Dallas or whole USA having a 2nd Telemundo telenovela channel now (when they ain't selling to persons whose only complication in USA life is that they don't have certain papers a al Telemundo).

So I guess they have their own Telefutura now. It looks like perhaps Telemundo is running a subchannel for telenovelas called ExitoS TV and yet renting some of the subchannel time to InmigranteTV.

Internet quote on Exitos TV:

"I had my DVR record the channel for a few minutes at the end/top of every hour for an 8-hour period on Wednesday, and this is the rotation order I observed, starting from 7am Pacific Time (don't know if there's a separate east/west feed or if it's just one for the whole country):
7am: Amor Descarado
8am: El Alma Herida
9am: Amarte Asi
10am: Pasion de Gavilanes
11am: Amor Descarado (same as 7am episode)
noon: El Alma Herida (same as 8am episode)
1pm: Amarte Asi (same as 9am episode)
2pm: Pasion de Gavilanes (same as 10am episode)

So maybe that's the four-hour cycle that repeats 6 times over daily. "
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 Topics Author  Date
 Telemundo's ExitoS TV  new
Enoch 02-13-12 22:43 PST 
 in NYC is on 47-2 and Colombian novelas on 47-3 NT  new
Ramonv 02-14-12 18:23 PST 
 In LA, Exitos is 52.2 and SOI 52.3 with Inmigrante on another frequency. NT  new
Kevin 02-15-12 11:44 PST 
 Captions on the Subchannels  new
Enoch 02-15-12 22:03 PST 
 Re: In LA, Exitos is 52.2 and SOI 52.3 with Inmigrante on another frequency. NT  new
janeth 11-24-14 10:11 PST 
 Re: Telemundo's ExitoS TV  new
Ramon Lozano 03-16-12 11:14 PDT 
 Re: Telemundo's ExitoS TV  new
peter benmeleh 02-19-13 06:47 PST 
 Re: Telemundo's ExitoS TV  new
Mirrah 08-26-14 14:46 PDT 
 Re: Telemundo's ExitoS TV  new
yolena alvarez 11-15-14 05:31 PST 

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