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 Re: Kate...
Author: {Kate}-002 (---)
Date:   10-26-07 21:32 PDT

Sorry, for the delay. I just came on here.

No, I'm so glad the fire(s) were not near us. And I'm glad they were not near you too, Gina.

But, I my dad's car got some ashes on it, yucky.
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 Kate...  new
Gina~ 10-23-07 17:52 PDT 
 Re: Kate...  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:32 PDT 
 Re: Kate...  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 21:34 PDT 
 P.S.  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 21:36 PDT 
 Re: P.S.  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:38 PDT 
 Re: P.S.  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 21:46 PDT 
 Re: P.S.  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:56 PDT 
 Thanks! The situation IS much better...  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 22:18 PDT 
 Re: Kate...  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:37 PDT 
 LOL...I see you, too!  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 21:45 PDT 
 Re: LOL...I see you, too!  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:54 PDT sound like me!  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 22:16 PDT 
 Re: YES, I know what you mean.  new
{Kate}-002 10-27-07 09:18 PDT 
 Re: YES, I know what you mean.  new
Gina~ 10-27-07 16:05 PDT 
 Gina, it's time for me to take another show again :) I'll talk to you again okay?  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 21:58 PDT 
 Re:  new
{Kate}-002 10-26-07 22:02 PDT 
 Same  new
Gina~ 10-26-07 22:17 PDT 

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