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La Hija del Mariachi (28775 posts in 7736 threads)
RCN (Col.)novela (11/09/2006-24/01/2008) about an innocent man who flees Mex. and becomes a mariachi in Col.
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 Re: Novela on youtube.
Author: Pilaf (---)
Date:   04-11-08 16:01 PDT

Hi. What I tried,(which seemed to work-BUT-I didn't go through all of the "LHdM" pages),was:

Go to "YouTube",
NEXT to the "Search" Button is "ADVANCED SEARCH",
Click on it & fill in the "Exact Words" slot:
"La Hija del Mariachi" and then:
There is another slot to "Sort By"
Fill in/check off,(I forget which),"Sort By Date Posted",Which:
I figured they can only be posted after shown.

I IMMEDIATELY found Episode #1. On the next page,(& subsequent
pages),I found something like Chapter #50 in multiple parts,and #49 & #48,etc..I skipped to about Page#16 to get to Episode#2.
So,you might be able to go backwards to get the video's link
address,and then,download them in the right order.It would also
tell you IF you have them all & ALL parts of an episode.They list it
like,(for example),Cap1P1,Cap1P2,Cap1,P3,Cap1P4,Cap1P5,etc.,
meaning that whoever posted Chapter #1,did it in 5 parts.

If it's roughly 130 episodes,(avg.3 parts),you'd have a maximum of
about 400 pieces. If you were doing something like that,I'd suggest
checking the end of an episode & COMPARE it to the beginning of the following episode to make sure you don't miss anything. Good luck. Pilaf.

P.S. BTW,here was the URL address I got whem searching YouTube
for that first episode,(TinyUrl version):

The ORIGINAL(it's long,so,Cut/Paste it together):
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 complete novela in youtube?  new
Yaya 03-28-08 19:33 PDT 
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Pilaf 04-11-08 16:01 PDT 
 Re: Novela on youtube.  new
Yaya 04-13-08 19:36 PDT 
 Re: Thanks.If I get time,I'll check it out. n/t.  new
Pilaf 04-14-08 16:56 PDT 

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