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Telemundo Production. USA (Telemundo) Start Date Jan. 29, 2008 - June 27, 2008. 8PM.
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 Bella Calamidades --- Danna Garcia's new novella..
Author: jjablan (---)
Date:   11-09-09 06:47 PST

Bella Calamidades
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Bella Calamidades

Format telenovela, drama
Created by Julio Jiménez
Developed by Telemundo Studios
RTI Colombia
Directed by Mauricio Cruz
Agustin Restrepo
Starring Danna García
Segundo Cernadas
Katie Barberi
Theme music composer Nicolas Uribe
Oliver Camargo
Jose Carlos Maria
Country of origin United States
Language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 130
Executive producer(s) Hugo Leon Ferrer
Editor(s) Jose Luis Varon
Location(s) Bogota, Subachoque, Simijacá,
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV, 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Bella Calamidades (Calamity Beauty) is a working title of a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Colombia.[1] This tongue-in-cheek romance story features a ravishing beauty fraught with bad luck.[2] The tentative stars are Danna Garcia and Segundo Cernadas.

The story involves a beautiful, passionate woman named Bella, who is an outcast in a town dominated by superstition. Convinced that she brings misfortune to everyone, Bella shies away from other people. When her hiding place is discovered, she returns to her hometown, when a series of freakish events inevitably lead to tragedy. Heartbroken and fearing for her life at the hands of the villagers, Bella loves hope one man's love and another's generosity change her life. No one trusts her except for the man who truly loves her.[3]

Telemundo will likely air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks during the 2009-2010 season.[4] As with most of its other soap operas, the network will broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.[5] This is a remake of a previous Colombian series.

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1 Cast
2 Crew
3 Production
4 External links

[edit] Cast
Main Cast in Order of Appearance

Actor Character Known as
Danna Garcia Lola Carrero heroine
Segundo Cernadas Marcelo Machado hero
Maria Helena Doering Lorenza de Machado Marcelo's mother
Gustavo Angarita
Katie Barberi Silvana villain
Rosemary Bohorquez
Tiberio Cruz Fortunato Román Galiano
Adriana Campos Pricila villain
Claudia Rocio Mora
Gary Forero
Mimi Morales
Herbert King
Pedro Roda
Daniela Tapia Nicolasa
Diana Quijano Regina de Galiano
Pablo Azar
Santiago Gómez
Jonathan Islas
Rodolfo Valdes
Alejandra Miranda

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