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Ciranda de Pedra [Globo] (546 posts in 36 threads)
Rede Globo (Brasil)5 maio 2008 - 3 outubre 2008.
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 Re: I have a manual timer set ...
Author: Nadjila. (---)
Date:   05-28-08 13:52 PDT

I used to do that on dish,but on this one all was needed to do was a double click on the name,but since the name is wrong it won't record.
Thanks,I'm not relaying on names anymore.i will go by manual.

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 RIP  new
Bariab 05-27-08 10:54 PDT 
 is it?nobody is watching !lol.. funny.......  new
Nadjila. 05-27-08 12:00 PDT 
 LOL  new
Bariab 05-27-08 14:24 PDT 
 Call me crazy ...  new
j.r. 05-27-08 20:38 PDT me a favor please?.....  new
Nadjila. 05-28-08 08:27 PDT 
 "Desejo Proibido" on the grid, but ...  new
j.r. 05-28-08 08:48 PDT 
 so do you record Manually?.....  new
Nadjila. 05-28-08 09:58 PDT 
 I have a manual timer set ...  new
j.r. 05-28-08 12:55 PDT 
 Re: I have a manual timer set ...  new
Nadjila. 05-28-08 13:52 PDT 
 I don't like relying on the names either n/t  new
j.r. 05-28-08 16:26 PDT 
 Re: After this, Globo is stopping with the period piece novelas  new
Victor F. 05-29-08 08:32 PDT 
 Hehehe, I read that too  new
j.r. 05-29-08 14:47 PDT 
 Re: Hehehe, I read that too  new
Victor F. 05-30-08 07:07 PDT 

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