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Ciranda de Pedra [Globo] (544 posts in 36 threads)
Rede Globo (Brasil)5 maio 2008 - 3 outubre 2008.
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Author: Nadjila. (---)
Date:   06-03-08 16:35 PDT

the two of us were the only one that liked EM..i really liked it more than AG and maybe even more than the other 6pm novelas!
since then I haven't watched any Brazilian ,I end up giving up after watching the first week!

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 The next 6pm novela: another change  new
Bariab 05-30-08 13:36 PDT 
 I second the motion  new
j.r. 05-30-08 16:01 PDT 
 Re: Disagree  new
Victor F. 06-02-08 09:27 PDT 
 wash your mouth before talking about eterna magia  new
bastian89 06-03-08 16:23 PDT 
 Agree........  new
Nadjila. 06-03-08 16:35 PDT 
 Re: Its not that EM or DP were bad........  new
Victor F. 06-05-08 05:53 PDT 
 and thats why I love them....I'm tired of...  new
Nadjila. 06-05-08 07:06 PDT 
 Re: and thats why I love them....I'm tired of...  new
Victor F. 06-06-08 11:20 PDT 
 One of the reasons ...  new
j.r. 06-08-08 12:36 PDT 
 that's true..  new
Nadjila. 06-08-08 13:37 PDT 
 Re: I like period or modern novelas..  new
Victor F. 06-10-08 07:03 PDT 

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